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When Will the Second Global Freeze Start? (第二のグローバルフリーズはいつ起きるのか Dai-ni no Gurōbaru Furīzu wa itsu Okiru no ka) is the forty-third episode of Kamen Rider Drive. This episode reveals the identity of Roidmude 004, who first appeared in the 39th episode.


Among the objects left by Roidmude 066 was a map that hints at a second Global Freeze. The Special Investigation Unit receives an investigation request from the newly created SSDC and starts to move. Meanwhile, Gold Drive is searching for Brain to advance his plans for a new Global Freeze. Once Gold Drive, Medic, Heart and Brain are together, the Global Freeze will become a reality. However, another unthinkable character is after Brain.


Roidmdue 066 tries to run away from several Special Forces Troops and traps them in a Heavy Acceleration but one single trooper counters it with Pikopiko 3 and kills him with an Anti-Roidmude bullet.

At the Special Defense Operation Center, Akio Togama of National Bureau of Defense congratulates Jun Honganji and Rinna Sawagami for their help in supporting his troops with similar gadgets to Drive, as 066 had been killed and requesting Rinna to reduce the size of Pikopiko 3. Ever since Soichi Makage had been exposed as a mole and terminated, the police forces are currently strengthening their defenses. Akio gives Honganji and the Special Investigation Unit a case they need to solve. Using the remains from 066, the Unit theorizes that the Roidmudes tried to recreate Global Freeze, as 22 Roidmudes now still at large. Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Chase asks Shinnosuke if he loves Kiriko, as the former spied him trying to tell something to Kiriko but stops when witnessing an eavesdropping Shinnosuke. He denies, telling Chase the type of woman Kiriko is and she appears behind them and calls Shinnosuke for a new case. But he thinks this in his mind, asking himself if he is really falling for Kiriko.

At an abandoned factory, Heart laments for 066's death now with the Roidmudes left is 22. Roidmude 013 of the Reaper Legion reports to Gold Drive of Brain's discovery but beaten for being late until Heart protects him, having experienced the same kind of torture from Banno. Brain works as a delivery truck driver and happily laughs in his camouflage until Medic and three Reapers ambushed his truck. Under Kyu's reports of Brain's sightings, the three Kamen Riders rush to the scene and kill the Reapers, with Medic flee from the scene, as well as Brain.

The team now learns of Banno as the Roidmude's leader, the Promised Number consist of four and the spot for the next Global Freeze. The first Global Freeze only covers 1/4 of the world and thus if all four Core Driviars of the Promised Numbers reacted, a new Global Freeze can be created. The team departs but Rinna tells them that they were forced to hold off the transformation for a moment, as she is currently data coating the Shift Cars, Signal Bikes, and Trailer-Hou to prevent Gold Drive from stealing them.

Upset that Brain gets away again, Gold Drive calls forth Roidmude 004, as Heart trembles in shock after learning the supposedly lost battalion was an underling of Banno and witness his human form. While waiting for the data coating at the cafeteria, Chase asks Go if he knows Kiriko's lover, causing the latter to surprise and reminds him that he is a Roidmude and assures that his sister will never fall for him and even rejects his friendship. Mr. Belt even surprises when Shinnosuke asks him for advice in a romantic relationship in the middle of their routine patrolling, as he is a scientist and currently no longer a human. After a long chat, Mr. Belt regains confidence, advising Shinnosuke not to act cool towards Kiriko. Kiriko reports to them that they have detected Brain.

Wanting to help Medic, Brain invades the Central Intelligence Agency and knocks down the workers. While trying to find a way to save Medic, he stumbles upon an article of Mitsuharu Kineta the human template he copied and now knows the reason behind his obsession to wear glasses and fond his napkin. He even remembers his past: long ago in the Global Freeze, after being weakened by Protodrive for trying to protect Roidmude 010 he invaded the tower and copied the man's memories, later using their supercomputer to broadcast his warning of the Kamen Rider. While now knowing that he has been living as a copy of this man in his entire life, "Krim Steinbelt" and Gold Drive appears, surprises him, and tries to get away from them until Booster Tridoron saves him.

Exiting from the vehicle, Shinnosuke witnesses Roidmude 004 and recognizing him for abducting Mr. Belt sometime ago, even shocks to see him taking the form of Krim Steibelt, much to the original's dismay, since Banno had also stolen his intellect. Long ago, 004 copies Krim during the trio Roidmudes' assault on his home, but because of the state Krim was in, Krin's data on 004 was erased sometime later, followed by his deactivation after Global Freeze until Banno reawakened him and Krim's data.

Shinnosuke fights while ordering Brain to escape, as he temporarily sees the latter in distress. While Rinna's coating allows Drive Type Tridoron to retain his Shift Cars, but his main weapons are exceptions. Soon, he uses the Trailer-Hou and tried to finish the two, but Heart steps in and absorbs the attack. He believes that Banno can revert Medic back to normal and orders Drive not to show off any sense of sympathy while releasing the excess energy from the Trailer Big Impact into a destructive wave before the party flees. The wave endangers Kiriko and Drive rushes to her aid.


Guest Cast

Shift Cars & Signal Bikes

  • Car Used:
    • Drive
      • Type Change: Shift Technic, Shift Tridoron, Shift Deadheat (in Trailer-Hou), Shift Wild (once in Trailer-Hou)
      • Tire Exchange: Road Winter
    • Type Used:
    • Mach
      • Type Change: Shift Deadheat
      • Tire Exchange: N/A
    • Form Used:
      • Deadheat Mach
    • Chaser
      • Tune: Max Flare
  • Tire Blending used in Type Tridoron:
    • N/A
  • Bike Used:
    • Mach
      • Form Change: Shift Deadheat
      • Signal Exchange: N/A
    • Form Used:
      • Deadheat Mach
    • Chaser
      • Form Change: Signal Chaser
    • Form Used:
      • Chaser


  • Brain's copying of Mitsuharu Kineta, occuring following the foiling of the Global Freeze by Protodrive, would contradict his prior depiction in Type ZERO Episode 0: Countdown to Global Freeze, in which Brain's familiar voice can be clearly heard as 003 addresses Heart while they prepare for the Global Freeze, meaning that Brain spoke with the voice of his human template before even meeting and copying him.
  • Same in episodes 33, 34 and 38. During the battle with Gold Drive and Roidmude 004, when Drive reverts from Type Tridoron to Type Wild via the Trailer Big Impact, the Shift Wild car magically got on the Shift Brace, despite not seeing Drive take it out of the Trailer-Hou


Kamen Rider Drive's 2 Shift Cars, Kamen Rider Mach's 1 Signal Bike, and Kamen Rider Chaser's 1 Signal Bike

DVD Releases

Kamen Rider Drive Volume 11, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Drive Volume 11 features episode 41-44: How is the Golden Drive Born?, Where is the Truth About the Goddess?, When Will the Second Global Freeze Start? and Who Loves Heart the Most? [2]
Collection 4 comes with 12 episodes.

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