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What is a Roidmude's Last Dream? (ロイミュードの最後の夢とはなに Roimyūdo no Saigo no Yume wa nani ka) is the forty-fifth episode of Kamen Rider Drive.


Gold Drive, after mercilessly attacking Heart, Medic, and the three Kamen Riders, goes to the “Promised Land”. He also has the Grim Reaper Roidmudes storm the Kuruma Driver's License Center and incapacitate the Special Unit. The last stage of Banno’s preparations for a second Global Freeze has commenced. Drive and the others, having barely survived the attack, go after Gold Drive. The final battle has begun but Chase does something unexpected. Meanwhile, Akira Hayase, Shinnosuke's former partner, despite not being fully recovered from the injury he suffered from the first Global Freeze, gets ready to go into the battle once again.


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Guest cast

Shift Cars & Signal Bikes

  • Car Used:
    • Drive
      • Type Change: Shift Speed, Shift Tridoron
      • Tire Exchange: N/A
    • Type Used:
    • Mach
      • Type Change: Shift Deadheat
      • Tire Exchange: N/A
    • Form Used:
      • Deadheat Mach
  • Tire Blending used in Type Tridoron:
    • N/A
  • Bike Used:
    • Mach
      • Form Change: Signal Mach, Shift Deadheat
      • Signal Exchange: N/A
    • Form Used:
      • Mach, Deadheat Mach
    • Chaser
      • Form Change: Signal Chaser
    • Form Used:
      • Chaser


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Kamen Rider Drive's 2 Shift Cars, Kamen Rider Mach's 1 Signal Bike, and Kamen Rider Chaser's 1 Signal Bike

  • Closing Screen Shift Car/Signal Bike
    • Kamen Riders: Drive, Mach, & Chaser
    • Shift Cars: Shift Tridoron, Shift Speed
    • Signal Bikes: Shift Deadheat, Signal Chaser
      • This is the only time the closing screen is reused from a past episode. In this case, episode 42.
  • Roidmude Count
  • Answer to the episode's question: Chase, wanted to at least protect someone that Kiriko loved.
  • As of this episode, with the deaths of 015, 035, 059, 070, and 075, all Roidmudes who have Core numbers in the 10s, 30s, 50s, and 70s range are eliminated.
  • The opening sequence has returned to normal and no longer shows clips previewing Drive's summer film.
    • Brain is still shown despite being killed off last week.
  • First appearance of Chase's Mashin Chaser form since episode 26.
  • One of the scenes in this episode reuses a footage from the opening of Tridoron dodging claw-like machines that pop out from the ground.

The Kamen Riders and Super-Evolved Roidmudes teamed-up.

  • The team-up of the three Riders and two Super-Evolved Roidmudes is similar to the team-up of the core three GekirangersIcon-crosswiki.png and the RinJyuKen WarriorsIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • This episode marks the first time Heart fights Roidmudes, discounting when he along with Brain and Chase aided the Kamen Riders against Megahex's Plain Roidmudes (Lost Number) in Movie War Full Throttle.
  • During the confrontation between the Riders-Roidmudes team-up and Banno, Heart's pointing finger upward is a reference to Soji Tendo's signature 'point to the sky' style mostly seen in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
  • Despite Chase's death in this episode, he would return in the final episode but only in a flashback
  • The security camera footage given to the heroes has the date 9/6/2015, the date this episode aired on.
  • Final appearance of Deadheat Mach, Chase's Mashin Chaser form, and the Mass Production Model Mach.
    • As a result, this is the last episode to feature Shift Deadheat being used for form changing.

DVD Releases

Kamen Rider Drive Volume 12, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Drive Volume 12 features episode 45-48: What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?, Why Must They Fight?, Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend? and Final Story (Special Edition): The Case of Ghost. [1]
Collection 4 comes with 12 episodes.

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