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Wazu Nazotoku (ワズ・ナゾートク Wazu Nazōtoku), officially spelt Was Nazotoku, was a Private Detective-Type Humagear designed by Korenosuke Hiden. He served as a prototype for Izu, and because of this he deemed himself Izu's older brother.



Wazu has a very cheerful personality, as indicated by himself who has reached Singularity. Unlike most other Humagears, he can feel certain emotions that are more common in humans. He also understands the importance of treasuring bonds, and was ultimately willing to sacrifice himself just so Izu and Aruto can continue to build that bond.


Allies/Team Zero-One:

  • Aruto Hiden: Offering his service to Aruto to track down the Dodo Magia in order to claim the corporation's innocence, in which Aruto fully trusted him. He later used himself to complete Shining Hopper.
  • Izu: Wazu's younger sister who was created after him by Aruto's grandfather. Korenosuke also implanted in him a program to protect Izu with his life, which he eventually did to complete the Shining Hopper Progrisekey in Izu's stead. On the other hand, Izu initially doubts him due of his playful and goofy nature, but she finally warms up to him, calling him 'Big Brother' before he shut down. Izu keeps Wazu's pocket watch as a memento afterwards.
  • Isamu Fuwa: An A.I.M.S. officer who doubts the detective, but follows along anyway to uncover the truth behind the event. He commented that Wazu's deduction skill is not bad, despite his playfulness.
  • Yua Yaiba: Works alongside the detective to prove Aruto's innocence.

Behind the Scenes


Wazu Nazotoku is portrayed by Kouji Tsujimoto (辻本耕志 Tsujimoto Kōji)).


Wazu's name is a play on the English verb "was". Additionally, "nazo" may be a reference to 謎, or "mystery", and "toku" may be derived from 特, or "special". When the two words combine, it would become "To solve a mystery" (謎解く Nazotoku).

  • Wazu's etymology perfectly fits with him being Izu's 'elder brother', as her name is derived from the word "is", the present tense of "was".


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