This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A brown lobster-like monster with octopus tentacles on his hips and smaller ones for hair. He can shoot lasers from his claws. When the Stewart Family planned a camping trip, Nefaria tells Count Dregon that she'll use Water Bug in her plan. She plans to use Water Bug to carry a bomb on a boat which will explode once it is under the Leawood Bay Bridge. Nefaria sent an invitation to Dex to bring him to the boat which Water Bug will be on. Dex in his Masked Rider form caught up with Water Bug on the boat heading toward Leawood Bay Bridge. Dex detected a bomb in Water Bug's hidden pocket. During the fight, Dex turned into his Super Blue form and used his Blue Saber to cut open Water Bug's hidden pocket and dispose of the bomb. Water Bug escaped into the water with Dex not far behind. Upon following it to land, Dex is ambushed by Water Bug and ends up in a power drain beam planted there by Count Dregon. Dex used the Blue Saber to destroy the power drain beam. Dex then destroyed Water Bug with the Rider Kick. Fits the theme of Gork's monsters.

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