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The Wasp Amazon (ハチアマゾン Hachi Amazon), transformed from a woman named Mika (ミカ), is an Amazon who used to be one of the Crab Amazon's customers.


  • Identification code: Unknown
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Destroyed by: Amazon Omega


Cannibal Patronage

She is initially a customer in the Crab Amazon's restaurant, eating food prepared from human meat in the belief that slow consumption would prevent or at least delay her Amazon side's awakening, allowing her to continue living a peaceful life. It is her attitude that convinces Haruka to allow her and the other patrons escape when the Nozama Peston Service Extermination Team raids the restaurant. However, a test of the Tlaloc drones intercepts her and the patrons, seemingly killing them all with the anti-Amazon gas. INTO THE CANNIBAL'S POT

Awakening and Death

She was the only one of the group to survive the attack, apparently being one of the 10-20% of Amazons the new human-safe gas formulation didn't kill, slipping away undetected. She soon started hiding with a group of other Amazons in an underground tunnel. Haruka finds them while responding to the second Bat Amazon, not alerting the Extermination Team to their presence and telling them the way out. Upon reaching the surface, however, she begins awakening, the others leaving as she becomes the Wasp Amazon. She goes after the nearby Mizuki Mizusawa, but Haruka as Amazon Omega arrives and holds her back. Initially refusing to fight her directly, he accepts that her wish for living a peaceful life is now impossible. As a pair of Tlaloc drones approach, he grabs her as she tries to escape and punches through her abdomen, ripping up and taking off her head. LOST IN THE FOG

Powers & Abilities

15. Wasp-Amazon.jpg

Although it doesn't have any high combat ability, it has a certain degree of resistance to the anti-Amazon gas developed by Nozama Pharmacy.

Her awakening forces other 145 Amazons of same type (but with dark gray color instead of yellow) to awaken.



Behind the Scenes


Mika is portrayed by Miyuu Sawai (沢井 美優 Sawai Miyū). As the Wasp Amazon, she is portrayed by suit actor Makoto Arakawa (荒川 真 Arakawa Makoto).


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