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Icon-revice.pngThis article is about a villain in Kamen Rider Revice.

"Transform, Hiromi...I... will devour... your life..."
―Vail's first words to Hiromi[src]

"You're... a demon... like us..."
―Vail recognizing Orteca as a "fellow demon"[src]

"My name is Vail. I shall return to where I belong."
―Vail's formal introduction[src]

"I will rob you of every last drop of your happiness. Consider it the price for betraying me."
―Vail to Genta, during his burning of Happy Spa[src]

"I am Vail. I will assist your vengeance against the demons, as your Buddy."
―Vail's introduction to Junpei[src]

Vail (ベイル, Beiru) was the inner demon born from Genta Igarashi and the original source of his powers as Kamen Rider Vail (仮面ライダーベイル, Kamen Raidā Beiru). After being imprisoned inside the Demons Driver, Vail manipulated its users to facilitate his escape and joined forces with Hideo Akaishi, later transforming to Crimson Vail (クリムゾンベイル, Kurimuzon Beiru) to resolve his decade-long conflict with Genta.



Vail killing Junpei's parents

Vail was the inner demon residing within Junpei Shiranami, awakened as part of NOAH's experiments. When he first materialized, Vail devoured Junpei's parents before he was sealed into a belt created by Masumi Karizaki. Junpei used the Vail Driver to operate as a Kamen Rider and confided to Vail as a "companion." Once they briefly separated, Junpei discovered that he was the "red demon" that killed his parents and the two fought in an ensuing battle. As Vail attempted to rejoin with his host, he was sealed into the Demons Driver by Masumi Karizaki, which resulted in the destruction of NOAH.

Although believed to be lost, the Demons Driver was later salvaged by Hideo Akaishi from the headquarters' rubble. By 2004, Vail learned that Junpei changed his name to "Genta Igarashi" and tracked him down at Happy Spa, where he possessed Genta and set fire onto the bathhouse in an attempt for revenge. However, his attempt had failed and Vail somehow returned into the Demons Driver.

As the Demons Driver

The Demons Driver talking to Hiromi

The Demons Driver was given to Hiromi Kadota by George Karizaki, who withheld the fact that it carried a demon within it. Hiromi initially used the belt to transform into Kamen Rider Demons, he was unable to use the belt's full potential. According to Akaishi and Karizaki, the pulsations generated by Giff had reawakened Vail. As such, Vail began speaking to Hiromi as the Demons Driver.

The increased use of the belt caused Hiromi to age rapidly and he was fortunately separated from the Demons Driver before it could eat away his life. After Hiromi surrendered the Driver to Fenix, director Akaishi gave the Driver to Orteca, whom Vail recognized as a "fellow demon". Unlike Hiromi, Olteca was able to draw out the hidden power of the Demons Driver and effortlessly defeat the Igarashi siblings in their most recent upgrade forms.

Vail taking over Genta's body as Kamen Rider Vail

When Orteca had George Karizaki to adjust the Demons Driver, Vail was released from his confinement and made his way back into the Vail Driver where he re-greeted the man who sealed him away, Masumi. This allowed him to reunite with Genta and possess him once again as Kamen Rider Vail, destroying two Gifftarians before turning his sights on Ikki. Before Vail could do any major harm, Genta regained control over his body.

Vail speaking to Hideo Akaishi

With Genta now in hiding from Vail, Vail returned to the Demons Driver to assist Orteca, but the latter was quickly overwhelmed and defeated by Daiji Igarashi, who had rid himself from Kagero and became Kamen Rider Holy Live. Vail abandoned the Demons Driver for good and awaited alongside Hideo Akaishi for further orders from Giff.

Return of the Red Demon

Vail upon reawakening by Giff's power

At this point in time, Vail had no corporeal form and could only be seen by Akaishi. Although Akemi Mikoshiba could not see Vail, she suspected that Akaishi was cooperating with a certain someone. After her capture, Akaishi allowed a now materialized Vail into the human realm, who now intended to reunite with his old partner and kill the Igarashi family.

Vail harassing Vice

After several failed attempts at killing Ikki, Vail set his sights on Yukimi Igarashi, which inadvertently put him into the crosshairs with Vice as he ridiculed his now human-like pride. Vice is unsettled by Vail's upsetful words and stands up for himself. Though Vail did stop targeting Vice, he attacked Hana Natsuki for being Sakura Igarashi's weakness and kidnapped Go Tamaki, though this resulted into Hana becoming Kamen Rider Aguilera who was able to drive Vail away. With humanity how attempting to rise against ARARAT with Weekend's revolution, Vail was selected by Akaishi to lead the crusade for Giff. When Genta underwent an operation to remove Giff's cells, Vail was temporarily disabled due to his connection with his host.

Genta and Vail's final moments

"Genta Igarashi... Well, I won't forgive you. And I never will..."
―Vail to Genta before being absorbed[src]

With Daiji succumbing to his blind sense of justice, Vail offered to team up while lamenting how they lacked partners. Although Daiji harshly rejected his offer, Vail voluntarily became Live's tag parter against Ultimate Revice. While Vail continued to cause trouble against humanity, his frequent energy losses made him unable to maintain his body any further, even with Akaishi's help. With his body at his limit, he is approached by Masumi who offered him the Crimson Vail Vistamp in exchange for battling Genta one last time. On the day of the decisive battle, he transformed into Crimson Vail and confronted Genta as the new Kamen Rider Destream. After a decisive battle, Genta revealed his true intention to coexist with Vail after learning of Ikki's long-lasting relationship with Vice. Though Vail teased that he wouldn't forgive Genta, he admitted defeat and allowed himself to be absorbed.


Vail is a demon who manipulates others to achieve his personal objectives, saying that he fights as he pleases. While he will allow anyone to use the Demons Driver, he will proceed to steal their life force should he feel he does not relate to them in a personal matter, as well as prevent them from using multiple Genomix forms.

He considers Genta to be his one and only companion. This causes him to act more possessive and obsessive towards his host, going as far as attempting to kill Yukimi and their children. Vail selfishly reasons that they had taken his companion away from him, even claiming that Genta "betrayed" him. However, after losing his final battle against Genta, Vail realizes the man standing in front of him now was no longer the vengeful man that he once knew, as his host reaffirms the new man he had now become. Therefore, he finally surrendered by being absorbed once and for all.

Vail also has his own pride as a demon and laments Vice for discarding it in exchange for a human relationship.


  • Demon Physiology: As a demon, he possesses the following characteristics:
    • Possession: Vail can possess either the Demons or Vail Driver as a core to allow a user to transform. Using the Vail Driver, he can additionally possess his host, Genta Igarashi. Via possession, he also has additional powers:
      • Life Force Depletion: If Vail chooses to do so, he can steal the life force of its user over time in order to restore himself, resulting in the user's health deteriorating to the point that their organs and bodily functions register as those of an 80-year-old.
      • Demons Driver Restriction: Vail can restrict the Driver's user from using additional Genomix forms by repelling a Vistamp away from its screen.


  • Genta Igarashi/Junpei Shiranami: Vail is dependent on his host, Genta. As such, he gets weakened when the host is on the brink of death, and will die if Genta is killed as well.
  • Energy Loss: Despite having his physical body restored by Giff, Vail can only sustain it for a certain amount of time before being forced to return to his immaterial form due to running out of energy. This can be remedied by stamping Proto Vistamps on Vail's body to replenish his energy. However, Vail's physical body would eventually destabilize to a point where even Proto Vistamps became insufficient to counteract the energy losses which had continued to accelerate at a faster rate.


Demon Vail

Demon Vail

  • Height: 196.9 cm
  • Weight: 88.5 kg

Vail's natural demon form. While normally in an incorporeal form composed of energy particles, he gains a physical body when materialized. After having his physical body restored by Giff, Vail has the ability to reassume his immaterial form at will. However, Vail can only sustain his physical state for a limited amount of time, and must be stamped with Proto Vistamps in order to replenish his energy.

  • Dissolution: Vail can separate into a collection of red particles in order to move from place to place. He is also able to transport others along with himself.
  • Tail Lengthening: Vail can extend his tail and warp it around a target in order to restrain them.
  • Energy Slashes: Vail can perform crimson energy slashes using his claws.
  • Energy Shockwave: By punching the ground with his fist covered in red energy, Vail can create a large red energy shockwave that launches away anyone in the vicinity.
  • Genome Mimicry: After being stamped with several Vistamps, Vail can mimic the abilities of the corresponding Genomes.
    • Megalodon:
      • Arm Blades: Vail's arms are equipped with purple energy blades resembling Revi Megalodon Genome's Divine Fins.
      • Energy Slashes: Vail can perform crimson and purple energy slashes using his arm blade or via kicks.
      • Teeth Projectiles: Similar to Vice Megalodon Genome, Vail can launch numerous black shark teeth from his face.
    • Kong:
      • Energy Gauntlets: Vail's arms are equipped with large gauntlets made of purple energy that can be fired at the opponent.
    • Eagle:
      • Wings: Vail grows black eagle wings from his back, allowing him to fly. While in the air, he can perform a flying kick surrounded by spiraling green and purple energy.
    • Lion:
      • Fire Enhancement: Vail's arms and legs are covered in fire, enhancing his attacks.
      • Fireballs: Vail can individually throw purple fireballs, or simultaneously release multiple fireballs that home in on the enemy.
    • Kamakiri
      • Sickles: Vail is equipped with purple energy sickles that can be used to perform crimson energy slashes. In a similar fashion to Revi Kamakiri Genome's Kamakiric Arrow, the sickles can be combined into a bow that fires crimson energy arrows.
    • Kujaku
      • Feather Blades: Vail summons several purple energy feathers. Vail can launch the feathers as projectiles, form them into a shield to protect himself, or surround his fist with them to enhance his punches.
    • Spider
      • Silk: Vail creates silk to restrain a target.
    • Brachio
      • Limb Lengthening: Vail extends his arm and uses it like a whip to attack the opponent.
      • Shockwaves: Vail's attacks produce powerful pink and purple shockwaves.
    • Turtle:
      • Energy Projectile: Vail fires an artillery shell made of crimson energy from his mouth. The energy projectile explodes upon impact.
    • Hashibiroko:
      • Scythe Tail: Vail forms a scythe blade at the end of his tail and uses it to slash the enemy.
    • Buffalo
      • Enhanced Speed: Vail can run at high speeds.
    • Tricera
      • Energy Horn Projectiles: Vail launches numerous red and yellow energy horns from his hands.
      • Ground Horns: Vail places his hands on the ground, causing several horns of rock to erupt around him.

Kamen Rider Vail

Kamen Rider Vail

"Bane Up! Hakai! (Break) Sekai! (Broke) Kikikaikai! (Broken) Kamen Rider Vail!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[1]
  • Rider Height: 202.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 96.2 kg
Ability Parameters[1]
  • Punching Power: 72.1 t
  • Kicking Power: 141.5 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 63.4 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 1.0 seconds

After possessing Genta Igarashi, Vail transforms into his Japanese rhinoceros beetle-based primary form by using the Kabuto Vistamp in the Vail Driver.

All of Vail's statistics are higher than those of Jack Revice with the exception of his jump height, which is lower. Vail possesses powerful telekinetic abilities, enabling him to forcefully throw enemies from a distance and produce strong shockwaves.

Kamen Rider Vail consists of the following parts:

  • Dynastinae Head (ダイナスティニーヘッド, Dainasutinī Heddo): The head.
    • Vail Fore (ベイルフォアー, Beiru Foā): The forehead armor. It has hardest armor on the whole body and delivers a headbutt like the blow of a beetle's horn.
    • Dynastinae Disturb (ダイナスティニーディスターブ, Dainasutinī Disutābu): The radar unit. Equipped with satellite communication equipment and a radar capable of searching 100 km around for enemies, it can instantly acquire all of the data necessary for strategic operations.
    • Vail Compound Eye (ベイルコンパウンドアイ, Beiru Konpaundo Ai): The compound eyes. By using them as the sight of the armament in hand, they boast unmatched accuracy. In addition, they instantly analyze the enemy's armaments and predicts and display effective range and other information, dramatically improving combat efficiency. They also have very good night vision equipment and can clearly capture the outlines of objects in the dark.
    • Dynastinae Lung (ダイナスティニーラング, Dainasutinī Rangu): The breathing device. Equipped with 128 layers of special filters, it can completely block the inhalation of toxic substances and biological weapons. In addition, the filtration function makes it possible to extract oxygen and fresh water from seawater. Due to these functions, the range of activity is greatly expanded.
  • Dynastinae Module (ダイナスティニーモジュール, Dainasutinī Mojūru): The shoulder special armament. It is armed with the rhinoceros beetle's unique ability from the genetic information of the Kabuto Vistamp. It has the ability to strengthen the armor of the whole body, giving it the power to withstand a direct hit on the scale of a strategic weapon. It can also be operated as a sharp blade by deploying an energy field on the Wingal Shade (ウインガルシェード, Uingaru Shēdo) at the bottom.
  • Dynastinae Breast (ダイナスティニーブレスト, Dainasutinī Buresuto): The chest armor. It has a special mechanism that controls the powerful demon and enables fighting together by directly linking with the heart of the user.
  • Archi Genomic Suit (アーキゲノミックスーツ, Ākigenomikku Sūtsu): The reinforced suit. It has extremely high fire resistance and is pressure-resistant and waterproof to the extent that it enables combat in the deep sea. Furthermore, by supplying energy to the Archi Genomuscle (アーキゲノマッスル, Āki Genomassuru), artificial muscles that wrap around the whole body, the user acquires physical abilities that transcend humans.
  • Dynastinae Arm (ダイナスティニーアーム, Dainasutinī Āmu): The arms. Due to the Archi Genomuscle producing tremendous arm strength, it is possible to deliver rapid-fire blows of up to 50 per second. On the other hand, in exchange for overwhelming destructive power, the user's arm can be damaged to the point of self-destruction.
  • Dynastinae Hand (ダイナスティニーハンド, Dainasutinī Hando): The hands. They are equipped with the function of converting the energy supplied from the Vail Driver into destructive force and generate 72.1 t of punching power.
  • Dynastinae Leg (ダイナスティニーレッグ, Dainasutinī Reggu): The legs. The Archi Genomuscle artificial muscle can support up to 600 times the body weight. However, this is accompanied by serious damage to the user's skeleton.
  • Dynastinae Foot (ダイナスティニーフット, Dainasutinī Futto): The feet. By receiving the operation of the Vail Driver and gathering high-density energy on the sole, it is possible to activate the finishing move Vailing Impact, which converts the Vistamp's genetic information into an attack.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Vail Driver finishers:
    • Vailing Impact (ベイリングインパクト, Beiringu Inpakuto): With an enemy against a wall, Vail performs a punching motion, creating a red shockwave that crushes the enemy. He then performs a series of punching motions so fast that his arm leaves afterimages, with each punch creating another shockwave. After a brief pause, Vail delivers a final punch to the enemy directly, creating a large red shockwave that expands outward from the opponent before they explode.
Appearances: Revice Legacy: Kamen Rider Vail, Revice Episode 25

Crimson Vail

Crimson Vail

"Crimson Up! Crimson Vail!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[2]
  • Rider Height: 206.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 92.9 kg
Ability Parameters[2]
  • Punching Power: 77.1 t
  • Kicking Power: 154.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 89.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 1.0 seconds

Crimson Vail (クリムゾンベイル, Kurimuzon Beiru) is Vail's enhanced Rider-like form accessed using the Crimson Vail Vistamp.

All of Crimson Vail's statistics are higher than that of Kamen Rider Revice, and, with the exception of an unchanged running speed, Kamen Rider Vail as well. In comparison to Kamen Rider Destream, Crimson Vail's punching power, kicking power, and running speed are lower, with only his jump height being higher. Crimson Vail can wield the Crimson Vail Vistamp as a weapon to bash enemies and perform slashes of crimson paint. Due to Vail's physical body already being on the verge of collapse, this transformation is unstable. As a result, Vail's physical body was destroyed upon his defeat, reducing him into his intangible form which was then absorbed back into his host.

Crimson Vail consists of the following parts:

  • Crimson Skull (クリムゾンスカル, Kurimuzon Sukaru): The head.
    • Crimson Skull Top (クリムゾンスカルトップ, Kurimuzon Sukaru Toppu): The head armor. The strong armor made of the rare metal Astometalum (アストメタルム, Asutometarumu) is shaped like an egg to efficiently deflect impacts and protect the head. In addition, its hardness can be freely changed by the power of the demon to flexibly respond to the characteristics of enemy attacks.
    • Red Vail Hair (レドベイルヘアー, Reddo Beiru Heā): The antennae on the left side of the head. By sharpening the demon's senses to the utmost limit, he can swiftly react to every move of his host, Genta Igarashi.
    • Crimson Amp (クリムゾンアンプ, Kurimuzon Anpu): The amplifier on the forehead. It is responsible for amplifying Vail's hatred for Genta Igarashi and enhancing fighting ability.
    • Wild Vail Eye (ワイルドベイルアイ, Wairudo Beiru Ai): The right eye. Visual acuity is about 11.2 when applied to human units. Possessing a very wide field of view of 240 degrees, he is always alert to his surroundings with its excellent dynamic visual acuity and keen sensing ability that accurately detects the enemy's movements.
    • Narrow Vail Eye (ナローベイルアイ, Narō Beiru Ai): The left eye. Genta Igarashi is always placed in the center of the field of view and monitored.
    • Crimson Vail Crusher (クリムゾンベイルクラッシャー, Kurimuzon Beiru Kurasshā): The oral cavity. It has the ability to convert the demon's roar into a shockwave and release it. Biting attacks are also possible by deploying fangs.
  • Crimson Adamant (クリムゾンアダマント, Kurimuzon Adamanto): The chest armor. The operation of the Crimson Vistamp maximizes the demon's power. It also has the ability to integrate and maximize the power of Vistamps absorbed so far and express it, making Vail a demon warrior for decisive battles.
  • Crimson Solid (クリムゾンソリッド, Kurimuzon Soriddo): The reinforced suit. It serves to maintain the shape of Crimson Vail by deploying electromagnetic shielding inside the demon's body, which lacks stability and is always in danger of quantum breakdown due to the nature of utilizing the power of a demon that has been enhanced to the extreme.
  • Crimson Buckle (クリムゾンバックル, Kurimuzon Bakkuru): The belt. It has a built-in Genome Receiver (ゲノムレシーバー, Genomu Reshībā) that receives the tremendous energy supplied by the Crimson Vail Vistamp.
  • Crimson Splatter (クリムゾンスプラッタ, Kurimuzon Supuratta): The shoulders. The hardness of the armor made of the rare metal Astometalum (アストメタルム, Asutometarumu) can be freely changed by the power of the demon. In addition, sharp spines called Malice Needles (マリスニードル, Marisu Nīdoru) can be deployed on various parts of the body.
  • Crimson Violent (クリムゾンバイオレント, Kurimuzon Baiorento): The arms. Catastrophic arm strength is produced by supplying energy from the Crimson Vail Vistamp and nourishing uncontrollable, maximized hatred.
  • Crimson Mash (クリムゾンマッシュ, Kurimuzon Masshu): The gloves. Special adjustments are made to handle the Crimson Vail Vistamp, making it possible to activate the finishing move Crimson Impact.
  • Crimson Brutal (クリムゾンブルータル, Kurimuzon Burūtaru): The legs. Supernatural running ability and jumping power are produced by supplying energy from the Crimson Vail Vistamp and integrating various Vistamp abilities.
  • Crimson Indignity (クリムゾンインディグニティ, Kurimuzon Indiguniti): The boots. By operating the Crimson Vail Vistamp, the special move Crimson Finish is activated by gathering destructive energy at high density.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Crimson Impact (クリムゾンインパクト, Kurimuzon Inpakuto): Crimson Vail charges the Crimson Vistamp with red and black energy before using it it deliver a slash of crimson paint to the opponent.
  • Crimson Finish (クリムゾンフィニッシュ, Kurimuzon Finisshu): Crimson Vail charges the Crimson Vistamp with red energy before using it to deliver a running punch to the opponent. Afterward, he turns to face his opponent again and his lower leg is covered in red energy as crimson paint flows into it. Crimson Vail then delivers a side kick to the enemy, with his leg now emanating additional crimson and black energy similar to fire. The kick creates several waves of red energy upon impact.
This form is exclusive to Revice Episode 42



  • Vail Driver - Transformation device
  • Vistamps - Transformation trinkets
  • Vistamp Holder - Carrying straps for Vistamps
  • Crimson Vail Vistamp - Transformation device and personal weapon as Crimson Vail




  • Daiji Igarashi/Kamen Rider Live: As Daiji serves Giff & Akaishi, Vail tries to persuade him to be his partner against his family. But Daiji refused him, even though he helped him against Revice.
  • Hideo Akaishi: Hideo found Vail within the Demons Driver. Once freed again after Orteca lost to Live, Vail partners with Hideo for Giff's reign. Hideo accepts him going after Genta, but forbids him from killing Genta's children.
  • Orteca/Kamen Rider Demons (II): Vail recognized Orteca as a fellow demon (despite the latter no longer being a Gifftex) and allowed him to utilize a Double Genomix without any negative side-effects. However, he later prevented Orteca from using a Triple Genomix, revealing that he has his own separate agenda that does not include Orteca. Vail later returns to Orteca, after being ejected by Genta. Deciding to stick around with Orteca for a while, they unlock Demons' true potential with the Triple Genomix. Vail then leaves him and the Demons Driver, after Orteca lost his cool against Live.
  • Giff: Vail's ancestor. While he does not seem too invested in Giff's designs, Vail willingly serves him for the opportunity to enact revenge against his previous host. He is wary enough of Giff's power that he will not defy him even when his directions clash with Vail's personal desires. When Akaishi relayed Giff's directions that Vail not destroy any of the Igarashi siblings, Vail instead decided to focus his efforts on Genta rather than his children.


  • Genta/Kamen Rider Vail/Kamen Rider Destream: Vail was Genta's demon back as Junpei Shiranami and they used to work together as Kamen Rider Vail until revealed he was the one killed his parents before Masumi sealed him away. After their final battle, Vail accepts Genta's forgiveness and allows himself to be reabsorbed into him, gaining some form of closure with his former host.
  • Hiromi Kadota/Kamen Rider Demons (I): While it is unknown to others, Vail had already been draining Hiromi's life force ever since he transformed into a Kamen Rider for the first time. As time passed, Vail decided to show his true nature to Hiromi before transforming into Demons, making Hiromi unsure whether to transform or not. Later, Vail drained Hiromi's life force to the degree of making Hiromi's internal organs and bodily fluids the equivalent of an 80 year old.
  • Ikki Igarashi/Kamen Rider Revi: Vail attempted to convince Ikki to give up on human life and have Vice live out the rest of his life as a demon like Vail. However as Ikki pointed out, Vail is afraid of the happy life that the Igarashi family has.
  • (Kamen Rider) Vice: Even though he and Vice are the inner demons of Ikki & Genta/Junpei, Vail tempts Vice to walk the path of a demon once again, knowing how Genta abandoned him & that Vice would suffer the same fate if Ikki leaves him too. But Vice refuses to let it happen.
  • Sakura Igarashi/Kamen Rider Jeanne: Vail fights Sakura as he tries to search for Genta. In order to break her to find his former host, he goes after Hana.
  • Hana Natsuki/(Kamen Rider) Aguilera: Vail tries to go after Hana and kill her, in order to make Sakura suffer & find Genta's hiding place. When Hana became a Kamen Rider, he was forced to retreat after being beaten by her.
  • Yukimi Igarashi: Back when Genta was Junpei at a young age, Vail tried to get Genta to kill her, seeing Yukimi as a threat and a hinderance to their "relationship". Luckily, Genta broke free of his influence. He considers her the main reason for Junpei's change and rejection of him and despises her.
  • George Karizaki/Kamen Rider Demons (II): to be added
  • Go Tamaki: Tamaki tried to protect Hana from Vail and allowed himself to be captured by him as part of his trial in joining Weekend.
  • Shozo Irabu: Shozo was around the time when he, Genta & Yukimi were young, when Vail destroyed NOAH.
  • Masumi Karizaki: As Vail and Genta fought, at the last moment, Masumi used the Demons Driver to seal Vail away, knowing that both him and Genta would disappear. Vail meets Masumi again in the Vail Driver, as he seeks out Genta once again. As Vail's power began to slowly fade away, Masumi gave him the Crimson Vistamp as a means of ending the feud between him and Genta once & for all.

Behind the Scenes


  • Vail is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda (津田 健次郎, Tsuda Kenjirō), who also voices the Demons and Vail Drivers.
  • While possessing Genta, he is portrayed by Shigeyuki Totsugi (戸次 重幸, Totsugi Shigeyuki).
  • His suit actor in his demon form and as Crimson Vail is Danki Sakae (榮 男樹, Sakae Danki). As Kamen Rider Vail, his suit actor is Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma).


The name comes from the word "Vail" which means "to surrender," fitting in with Vail's theme of surrendering to one's basic instincts, or surrendering one's soul to the devil.[3]


  • Vail's suit is retooled from Vice, with red accents and a new head featuring a fanged mouth instead of Vice's face mask.
  • Crimson Vail is a modified Jack Revice suit, with the blue and silver replaced with purple and red and a modified Buddy Buckle replacing the Revice Driver, as well as an original design on the chest.
  • TV-Asahi lists "Crimson Vail" as a non-Rider on their website.[4][5] Various other details point to Crimson Vail being a non-Rider, such as the transformation announcement explicitly not naming him as one, as compared to the other Kamen Riders.
    • However, there is one instance of Crimson Vail being named as "Kamen Rider Crimson Vail" in the item description of the DX Crimson Vail Vistamp,[6][7] which puts his Kamen Rider status as debatable.




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