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V3 No Hitori Uta is an insert song from Kamen Rider V3. It was performed by Ichiro Mizuki.

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Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Hitori areno no oka no ue
Yuuhi wo miru to omoidasu
Aa Tousan wo omoidasu
Makka ni moeru taiyou no
Sugata no you ni tsuyoku nare
Itsu mo tousan itte 'ta
Ima wa tousan inai kedo
Yagate kachidoki ageru made
Boku wa makenai V3
Boku wa makenai V3

Hitori hamabe no iwa no ue
Yuuzuki miru to omoidasu
Aa Kaasan wo omoidasu
Kaasan yasashii tsuki no you
Heiwa wo mamoru hito ni nare
Itsu mo kaasan oshiete 'ta
Ima wa kaasan inai kedo
Machi no minna wo mamoru tame
Boku wa tatakau V3
Boku wa tatakau V3

Hitori yofuke no biru no ue
Ano hoshi miru to omoidasu
Aa Imouto wo omoidasu
Kawaii boku no imouto yo
Mite ite okure Kono boku wo
Tatta hitori no boku da kedo
Tsuyoku tadashiku takumashiku
Aku wo taoshite miseru made
Boku wa ganbaru V3
Boku wa ganbaru V3

On top of a lonely hill
I watch the setting sun and remember
Ah I remember my father
Within sight of the burning red sun
I will become stronger
Like my father
He will always be with me
Before long I raise my voice letting out a shout of victory
I will never lose V3
I will never lose V3

Alone on a rocky beach cliff
As I watch the evening moon I begin to remember
Ah, i remember my mother
My mother is as gentle as the moon
My mother was always teaching me
To become a protector of the people and of peace
Although I no longer have a mother
I will continue to protect this city and the people
I will fight V3
I will fight V3

Standing alone on the top of a building
I see a star and begin to remember
Ah, I remember my sister
My cute little sister
Someday I will see her again
Although I am standing alone
I will work to become stronger
And I will defeat their evil
I will do my best V3
I will do my best V3

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