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Japanese V-Cinema (Vシネマ Bui Shinema) is the direct-to-video industry that appeared in Japan in the 1980s. The term is a trademark of Toei Company but is widely used in the West to describe any Japanese direct-to-video release. In Japan the term used is Original Video (オリジナルビデオ Originaru Bideo). Unlike its Western counterpart, this industry has a considerably better reputation, with directors sometimes making V-Cinema movies by choice, due to the creative freedom afforded by the less stringent censorship of the format, and the riskier content the producers will allow. The more common term OVA (Original Video Animation) is applied when the film in question is anime.

V-Cinema releases began appearing during the Heisei era of the franchise. Previously depicting independent Riders and storylines, current releases have been shorts that serve as a series recap relating to Rider abilities and the rider showing off an exclusive power within the special. Since 2000's Kuuga release, they have come to be commonly known by fans as Hyper Battle Video.

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Starting with the release of Gavan vs. Dekaranger and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Trilogy: Another Ending, a marketing practice known as V-Cinext was launched by Toei with the intent of holding limited premieres of the movie in theaters before their home video release.


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