This article is about a/an Dopant identity in Kamen Rider W.

Utopia Dopant (ユートピア・ドーパント Yūtopia Dōpanto) is the Dopant form assumed when one uses the Utopia Gaia Memory.

Dopant Form

The seemingly omnipotent and powerful Utopia Dopant possesses more powers than the extremely enhanced Weather Dopant, all the more powerful with a user as compatible as Jun Kazu at a rate of 98%. So powerful, that just transforming into the Dopant form causes unheld-in-place objects to levitate and get pushed away when he transforms. Its reality-bending powers result from the memory's ability to grant wishes and absorbing the aspirations and ambitions of others. The most seen of his powers is telekinesis which is used for bringing people and things to him, repelling attacks from enemies, levitating objects, and causing great pain onto others. It is revealed however, that abilities such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis are accessed by Kazu due to his status as a Quark.

The Utopia Dopant is armed with a cane as its weapon. He also demonstrated releasing fire from his hands, with strength powerful enough to tear apart a street causing steam to erupt then disappear, summoning a tornado with a small thunderstorm, move at high speeds, stealing some of people's life force and adding it to his power, reverting transformed people into base or human forms, causing people or things to combust, and the ability to make people's faces disappear and putting them in a comatose state. During the final battle against Kamen Rider Double, Utopia Dopant demonstrated a technique of his own Rider Kick similar to the Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme's Double Xtreme Maximum Drive.


Jun Kazu

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Kazu Jun

Jun Kazu

The main user of the Utopia Memory was Jun Kazu (加頭 順 Kazu Jun), the white lab coat-wearing researcher for Foundation X, a valuable member of the organization who allows himself to be modified by the research of those he represents. Becoming a sponsor to the Museum and overseeing their investments, Kazu obtains a Gaia Driver and the Utopia Memory, allowing him to become the Utopia Dopant, with reality-bending powers that result from the Utopia Memory's ability to grant its user's wishes, mainly used to repel attacks aimed at him, and absorb the emotions of living beings to further power itself. Kazu had previously been Doctor Prospect's liaison to the Foundation, gaining the psychic abilities of a Quark that enhanced his Dopant abilities.