This article is about a/an Rider Slash in Kamen Rider Den-O.
Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Forms's signature finisher is seen as just the same attack but with a different label. This is an incorrect assumption, as each has small differences that only close observation can detect. This Sandbox is to list them all, since such data will possibly not hold up on the main page and I'm an obsessive maniac when it comes to details like this. 
  • Part 1: A Rider Slash where Den-O rushes the target, then horizontally slashes their side.
  • Part 2 : A Rider Slash where after the attack is charged, the blade of the DenGasher detaches and is tethered to a ribbon of energy. Den-O slashes down grinding the blade into the ground and then upward from the right, then cleaves the target in two from above with the blade. Then it returns to the handle of the DenGasher.
  • Part 3: Starts the same as Part 2, but the blade slashes left, then right, then down to cleave the target in half.
  • Part 5: (Note: Momotaros suffers from mild Tetraphobia so there is no Part 4) The blade is at a slightly higher altitude, but the pattern is now right, left, and finally down to cleave the baddie in two.
  • Special Version: A Double Full Charge is executed, then the blade goes into the air and goes right at the target. The blade waits underneath or behind the target and then Den-O reels it in after getting in close and slashes upward in a surprise attack.
  • Final Version: A kind of Gorenger Storm variant, the blade is launched and then passed along to all the Taros and Zeronos in Vega form. The heroes give it a charge of their own power, then send it to the target and the blade passes to the next Imagin until it reattaches to the DenGasher and Momotaros as Sword Form rapidly slashes the target with brutal force as the DenGasher glows in a rainbow colored aura. The enemy then collapses and explodes.
  • Decade Version: Momotaros uses the blade of the DenGasher sword to latch onto the Kuuga Gouram and then uses it as a flail to repeatedly bash the target.
  • My Finisher, Climax Version! (Boisterous Slash): Like the Extreme Slash variants, but involves getting close to the target. Den-O puts the blade near his opponent (usually with a stab or waits for the enemy to hand block it). After executing the scan of the Rider Pass for a Charge and Up, the blade propels the enemy backwards and then loops around from the left of Den-O. The blade then moves and slashes left, then right, then loops around Den-O and goes for the downward finishing slash.
  • Super Climax Version: As seen in the Ganbarizing Game. Den-O Super Climax form holds the DenGasher on his left side, executes a Charge and Up scan of the Rider Pass and then launches the blade from behind him to strike the target at the shoulders, then repeats on the right and then takes the blade high into the air and slams it down, cleaving the target in two.
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