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Icon-revice.pngThis article is about an episode in Kamen Rider Revice.
Red alert.jpg WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and murder. Viewer discretion is advised!

Unknown Threat, the Way We Should Go (未知なる脅威、人の進むべき道, Michinaru Kyōi, Hito no Susumubeki Michi) is the thirty-fifth episode of Kamen Rider Revice. It features Hikaru Ushijima's first transformation into Kamen Rider Over Demons and the destruction of the Fenix Skybase.


Akemi transformed into a monster. When Ikki, Sakura, and Vice see what happened, they were stunned and witnessed an overwhelming difference in power compared to hordes of Gifftarians. Hikaru and Hana have no choice but to watch from the sidelines.

No one could stop Akaishi from going out of control.

But they couldn't throw in the towel just yet. Just as Akaishi delivers another press conference to the public, Ikki fires his spirit up for revenge. However, he can see that Vice hesitates during their battle with Vail. Meanwhile, he is worried about Daiji, whose impatience is causing him to lose his cool.


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Stamp Used:
    • Revi
      • Thunder Gale
    • Live
      • Holy Wing
    • Jeanne
      • Cobra, Hashibiroko
    • Over Demons
      • Kuwagata
  • Form Used:
    • Revice
      • Revice
    • Live
      • Holy Live
    • Jeanne
      • Cobra Genome
    • Lovekov
      • Hashibiroko Genome
    • Over Demons
      • Kuwagata Genome[1]


  • to be added


Revice EP 35 CS.png
  • Closing Screen
    • Kamen Riders: Over Demons
    • Vistamps: Kuwagata
  • Count at episode end
    • Vistamps in Revi's possession: Rex, Eagle, Mammoth, Megalodon, Ptera, Lion, Kong, Kamakiri, Brachio, Neo Batta, Kangaroo, Barid Rex, Volcano, Rolling, Thunder Gale
    • Vistamps in Live's possession: Bat, Jackal, Holy Wing
    • Vistamps in Jeanne's possession: Cobra, Kujaku, Turtle, Hashibiroko
    • Vistamps in Over Demons' possession: Kuwagata
    • Vistamps in Fenix's possession: Spider, Batta, Mogura, Condor, Scorpion, Anomalocaris, White Leo, Quetzalcoatlus, Triceratops, Buffalo
    • Vistamps in unknown possession: Kabuto, Giff Junior
    • Proto Vistamps in Fenix's possession: Cheetah, Koala, Elephant, Shark, Rafflesia, Planarian, Sabertiger, Chameleon, Kajiki
    • Proto Vistamps in Weekend's possession: Queen Bee
    • Proto Vistamps in unknown possession: Wolf, Daiouika


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