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Uchuyaro Subaru (宇宙野郎昴 Uchūyarō Subaru, lit. Spaceman Subaru) is an Astronaut-Type Humagear. His brother Uchuyaro Raiden is also an Astronaut-Type Humagear.


Subaru was created as a part of the Uchuyaro series at some point of after the launch of Satellite Zea. Ikazuchi (Raiden), being an older Humagear of the same series, acted as Subaru's elder brother and guided him throughout their carrier.

Meeting Aruto Hiden

After Aruto became the CEO of Hiden Intelligence and gained Zero-One Driver, a new activity was added to Subaru and Raiden's job, to reinstall Rise Hopper at Zea after Aruto summoned it on Earth. However, they were irritated by Aruto's reckless usage of the bike, causing them to install it on Zea several times and consuming a lot of fuel and so they headed to Hiden Intelligence's HQ to talk to him.

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Subaru is the opposite of Raiden. While Raiden has a aggressive, passionate and hotblooded personality, Subaru was much more calm, such as when they're putting the Rise Hopper back to Zea and when they stormed Aruto's office, Aruto apologizes and Subaru forgives Aruto, but Raiden continues to berate Aruto. 


  • Cognitive Learning: Subaru can learn new experiences and act according to what he processes from them.
  • Connection with Zea: Being the maintenance head of Zea, Subaru can access Zea from Earth and activate Zat like Izu does.To Each His Own End


  • Uchuyaro Raiden: Raiden is Subaru's brother and fellow Astronaut-Type Humagear, who is then revealed to have been a spy for named Ikazuchi. He appeared to have disowned him upon this discovery, but after achieving Singularity, Subaru began to mourn Raiden upon realizing his destruction.

Behind the Scenes


Uchuyaro Subaru is portrayed by Kyosei Kuwahata (桑畑 亨成 Kuwahata Kyosei).


  • Raiden is an older generation of Humagear while Subaru is a current model, which technically makes Raiden the older "brother".
  • Both Subaru and Raiden wear the same orange space suits used in Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!, but with different patches and no belt.



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