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For the Seiken from Kamen Rider Saber, see Raimeiken Ikazuchi.

"I'm calling down the thunder!"
―Ikazuchi's catchphrase[src]

"Subaru and I used to take care of Zea while navigating the cosmic ocean. It's our job to keep her safe."
―Ikazuchi's views on his duties towards Zea.[src]

Uchuyaro Raiden (宇宙野郎雷電, Uchūyarō Raiden, lit. Spaceman Raiden) is an Astronaut-Type Humagear and a founding member of MetsubouJinrai.net under the codename Ikazuchi ( lit. "Thunder"). After the Daybreak Town Accident, he was reverted back to his factory personality so he could serve as a sleeper agent within Hiden Intelligence while stationed on Zea. After having his dormant programming reactivated, he was given the ability to transform into Kamen Rider Ikazuchi (仮面ライダー雷[イカヅチ], Kamen Raidā Ikazuchi) before being immediately destroyed by Isamu Fuwa. He was restored in a new body as part of MetsubouJinrai.net's revival and became the third host of Kamen Rider Ark-Zero (仮面ライダーアークゼロ, Kamen Raidā Āku Zero) after reaching Singularity.

After the Ark's defeat, Raiden returned to being an astronaut with his younger brother Subaru. However he was called by Horobi to rescue Jin from Lyon Arkland, who fought their way against the Massbrain System. As a result, their minds became trapped inside the collective entity that was Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai (仮面ライダー滅亡迅雷, Kamen Raidā MetsubōJinrai), which destroyed their bodies upon its birth.



The formation of MetsubouJinrai.net.

Uchuyaro Raiden was created to maintain the Ark once it had launched. However, the Daybreak Town Accident and Soreo Hiden's sabotage prevented the launch from occurring. During the Accident, Raiden, along with Horobi, Naki, and Jin, were compromised by the Ark to form MetsubouJinrai.net, and new protocols were installed into him that were undetectable by Raiden himself so that he could serve as a sleeper agent known as Ikazuchi. Hiden Intelligence then shut Raiden down due to no longer having a task to fulfill. When Zea successfully launched, Raiden was reactivated and assigned to the satellite to maintain it. However, he unknowingly began leaking Zea's data to MetsubouJinrai.net.

Calling Down The Thunder

After Aruto recklessly summoned the Rise Hopper while he and Subaru were in the process of returning it to Zea, Raiden and Subaru returned to Earth to confront Aruto about it. While he apologized, Raiden brought Aruto to the Hiden Space Development Center to make him appreciate the hard work that he and his brother do. When they were approched by Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba, Fuwa accused Raiden as the potential MetsubouJinrai.net spy within Hiden Intelligence over his name. The group were intrupted by Jin who came to take their Progrisekeys, with Raiden protecting Subaru from harms way. While helping Aruto and Fuwa discover the location of MetsubouJinrai.net's hideout in Daybreak Town, Jin arrived and referred him as "Ikazuchi" and confirmed his true nature as a sleeper agent. Jin used the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser to awaken Raiden's dormant programing. He transformed into Kamen Rider Ikazuchi and used the Progrisekeys to awaken the Ark. Despite overpowering Zero-One and Vulcan in battle, Ikazuchi was completly destroyed by the arrival of Vulcan Assault Wolf.


Ikazuchi, now in his new body

"Welcome back. Ikazuchi."
"All... as the Ark wills it."
―Horobi welcomes Ikazuchi's revival[src]

After his destruction, Uchuyaro Raiden's Humagear Progrisekey was left in Aruto Hiden's possession. However, Horobi abducted the farmer Humagear Midori and using her as a hostage to obtain Raiden's Progrisekey from Aruto to revive Ikazuchi. After returning from the base and dealing ZAIA Japan's raid, Ikazuchi's data was successfully transmitted into a new Humagear body and he was fully revived, now in a new casual outfit.

The Ark Uprising

With all four members of MetsubouJinrai.net fully reassembled, Ikazuchi and the others combined their data to fully bring back the Ark. Once the Ark flew into Horobi to possess him, triggering an explosion that damaged one of Naki's earpieces. Ikazuchi went to Naki's aid and later repaired them before seeing the Ark-possessed Horobi. Ikazuchi questioned where Jin was, as he was unaware of the latter's betrayal to the terrorist group. The Ark merely noted that he'll "be back soon", much to Ikazuchi's confusion.

Ikazuchi and Naki later went to Hiden Intelligence to send the Ark's "regards" to its creator Gai Amatsu, after giving Naki a Forceriser and the Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey. Ikazuchi also retrieved the Dodo Zetsumerisekey back in his possession, allowing him to become a Kamen Rider once more. Ikazuchi and the rest of MetsubouJinrai.net were met by a massive army of A.I.M.S. soldiers, all rendered unconscious by Ark-Zero. Ikazuchi joined with Horobi and Naki in facing against Thouser, but he was decisively beaten by the Ark.

"What... are these memories?!"
―Ikazuchi starting to remember his forgotten past

To give the Ark access to Zea, Ikazuchi led the Ark to Hiden Intelligence's space center. As they advanced on the building, Ikazuchi suddenly had flashbacks from his time with Subaru. When the Ark noticed, Ikazuchi ignored his master and instead questioned the sudden, painful resurgence of his memories. He then returned to Daybreak Town still in clear mental pain, before the Ark continued on without him.

Ikazuchi at HIDEN Manufacturing

"Don't give me that scared face, pre~side~nt! It's me, Uchuyaro Raiden!"
"That can't be right. Ikazuchi has already been initialized by the Ark."
―Ikazuchi joins HIDEN Manufacturing, much to Aruto's surprise and Jin's confusion[src]

After the Ark lost its grip on Jin's body, Ikazuchi fully remembered his time as an astronaut of Hiden Intelligence, and left MetsubouJinrai.net's base after releasing a massive burst of lightning across Daybreak Town. The good man that was Uchuyaro Raiden went to HIDEN Manufacturing to meet with Aruto and help him destroy the Ark, but Jin still remained skeptical of Raiden's claims. However, it turned out to be part of the Ark's plan to gather Aruto Hiden and take the Zero-One Driver from him, allowing him to overtake Zea from it's satellite husk and Raiden being taken over by the Ark as it's host.

―Raiden bid his former master farewell before destroying the satellite

Later, with the help of Kamen Rider Zero-Two, the culmination of Aruto's dream manifested as a Rider, IkaRaidenzuchi was freed from the Ark's possession. However, before Jin could take him to safety, Horobi came into the scene and took Raiden's unconscious body away.

Raiden reunites with Subaru.

Later, Raiden rebooted himself and witnessed the heated argument between Horobi and Jin. As he was mortified by the fact that he was used by Ark, Raiden decided to reunite his Subaru. Eventually, Ark-Zero was completely vanquished from the combined efforts of Zero-Two and Horobi, with the remaining data from the Satellite being destroyed by Raiden and Subaru using the Breaking Mammoth, seemingly putting an end to Ark's menace.

Although the threat of the Ark was seemingly over, Horobi continued his crusade to destroy humanity and began raising a Magia army. However, things took a turn to the worst when Izu was destroyed by Horobi, indirectly causing Aruto to become the next incarnation of the Ark: Kamen Rider Ark-One.

Following Jin's destruction at the hands of Ark-One, Horobi marched alone to confront Aruto. Before he got the chance to leave, a concerned Raiden confronted him. Horobi angrily questioned the former sleeper agent why he didn't hate Aruto for what he did to Jin. Raiden responded it was humanity who taught Humagears what it means to have a heart and Jin sacrificed himself to show Horobi that he also had one, since he had the biggest heart of all Humagears. But, Horobi simply retorted by asking if he would have done the same if Subaru was killed, leaving Raiden without an appropriate answer as his friend left.

With the battle to decide the fate between humans and Humagears came underway, Raiden watched the public event and would witness Aruto as Ark-One fighting Horobi. He would see Aruto finally lets go of his feelings of revenge and regain sense of himself to become Zero-One once more and defeat Horobi, but spared him out of mercy.

"It's gonna be busy around here... Right, Subaru?"
―Raiden returned to his old job[src]

Following this final victory, Raiden watched Aruto Hiden's press conference and noticed that his job at the Hiden Space Development Center will get busy, as he resumes his old duty as an astronaut Humagear.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME

Three months after the war between Aruto and Horobi ended, a new incarnation of the Ark arises with the presence of Rihito Isshiki (S) who lead his followers at Thinknet to destroy the world and replace it with a "paradise". Raiden resumed working at the Hiden Intelligence space center as an Astronaut Humagear. Since Satellite Zea is no longer in orbit, it allowed Raiden to continue operating at Earth for the time being. After Aruto called for the Rise Hopper, Raiden personally delivered the bike after being called ten minutes ahead of time by Zea.

Zero-One Others

The Kamen Riders of MetsubouJinai.net

Sometime following the Thinknet crisis, Raiden remained on Earth while his brother Subaru and the other Astronaut Humagears were in space to prepare launching Satellite We're. He reunited with his teammates at MetsubouJinrai.net and resumed acting as "Ikazuchi" as he learned ZAIA Enterprise has captured Jin. Ikazuchi accompanied Horobi and Ikazuchi to rescue their friend. Upon learning of Arkland's goal of weaponizing Humagears for military purposes as part of his "Sold Project", Ikazuchi was determined to put an end to it and was willing to merge with his teammates to become Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, but came at a risk of losing his own will. Ultimately, Ikazuchi and the rest of his teammates made the sacrifice by transforming into Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai once more in order to free the Sold Humagear from the Massbrain System's influence, but at the cost of the quartet's free will being trapped inside. Ikazuchi could not do anything as Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai murdered Arkland, destroyed the Humagear bodies of MetsubouJinrai.net, and annihilated the ZAIA Japan HQ building.

During the aftermath of the ZAIA HQ destruction, Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai continued to pursue Yua Yaiba. This is due to the influence of Ikazuchi, Horobi, Jin, and Naki, who are begging to be destroyed by the Kamen Riders to end their suffering. Although Valkyrie Justice Serval managed to damage the MetsubouJinrai Driver's power unit, it still wasn't enough to defeat the runaway Rider. Once Isamu Fuwa transformed into Vulcan Lone Wolf, he managed to vanquish Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, seemingly at the cost of the quartet's lives.

Despite the apparent demise of Ikazuchi and the rest of his teammates, their goal of freeing the Solds and release from the Massbrain System's influence finally closure. In turn, Ikazuchi along with his teammates were able to move on in spirit.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi card

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing alongside with many other Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi medal

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi is a playable character with other Kamen Riders of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi in Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi appear with other Kamen Riders and Monsters in Battle Spirits.

Ikazuchi Battle Spirits Cards Included

  • Kamen Rider Ikazuchi (Common)
  • Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai (Rare)



As part of Kamen Rider's collaboration with Zenonzard, cards from Zero-One, OOO, and W were available in the Japanese servers throughout September 2020.

  • Ikazuchi Cards Included
    • Kamen Rider Ikazuchi Dodo (Comun)


Ikazuchi is a Humagear with an aggressive and passionate personality, mainly because he reached Singularity. He shows immense care for his current model brother Subaru, even willing to risk his life to shield Subaru from Jin's hacking tendrils. Like the other members of the terrorist group, his programming was compromised by the Ark during the Daybreak Town Accident, but continued to function normally because he was a sleeper agent. His old personality would return only after the Ark restored his memory as a part of its plans.

When MetsubouJinrai.net was ready to enact their plan to awaken the Ark, Jin activated his corrupted programming by using a Forceriser. As a result of this corruption, Ikazuchi became a cruel Humagear with full-fledged loyalty towards Ark, and his new goal to bring humanity to extinction made him forget everything about Subaru. This nature was retained after he was revived, but was lost after Ikazuchi permanently regained his original memory.



  • Electricity Discharge: True to his name, Ikazuchi possesses the ability to discharge red-colored lightning. He can do this outside of his Rider form, and is even able to spread the lightning to the entirety of Daybreak Town. When this happens, his eyes will glow light red.
  • Connection with Zea: Due to his position as supervisor of Zea, Ikazuchi has the unique ability to control communications devices, including Zea itself. It was because of this ability that he was used by MetsubouJinrai.net to reactivate the Ark and create the Assault Wolf Progrisekey. This ability was also exploited by Ark-Zero after possessing Ikazuchi and obtaining the Zero-One Driver to forcefully connect itself to Zea and hijack it.


Kamen Rider Ikazuchi

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi

"Forcerise! (Magia transformation sound) Break down."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[1]

  • Rider Height: 188.5 cm
  • Rider Weight: 99.4 kg

Ability Parameters[1]

  • Punching Power: 17.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 58.6 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 25.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.7 seconds

Ikazuchi transforms into Kamen Rider Ikazuchi by using the Dodo Zetsumerisekey in the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser.

Ikazuchi's punching power and kicking power are nearly equivalent to Zero-One Shining Hopper, but his jump height and running speed are significantly lower. Despite these disadvantages, Ikazuchi was able to sustain a fight with Zero-One Shining Hopper due to the strain the form places on Aruto's body. However, he was quickly overwhelmed by Vulcan Assault Wolf, who outclasses him in every area except kicking power, in which Ikazuchi holds a marginal lead.

Each part of this form reflects the learning data of Dodo Magia Custom. Ikazuchi is armed with the Dodo Magia's Buaruku Sabers (ヴァルクサーベル, Varuku Sāberu) and can also produce lightning from his hands to electrocute his enemies and use it in martial art attacks. The eight Progrise Holders allow Ikazuchi to use the data of Progrisekeys with Satellite Zea.

Kamen Rider Ikazuchi's suit consists of the following parts:

  • Dodo Head (ドードーヘッド, Dōdō Heddo): Ikazuchi's helmet.
    • Dodo Goggles (ドードーゴーグル, Dōdō Gōguru): Ikazuchi's facial armor. It is equipped with visual devices, hearing devices, and advanced communication devices that enhance communication management capabilities.
    • Discharge Feather (ディスチャージフェザー, Disuchāji Fezā): The Dodo Goggles' lightning emission device. It is able to make connections to external equipment by emitting lightning which can also be diverted for attacks.
    • Dodo Signal (ドードーシグナル, Dōdō Shigunaru): The Dodo Goggles' communication control device. It is able to hack and freely operate large-scale communication facilities such as artificial satellites.
    • Dodo Scope (ドードースコープ, Dōdō Sukōpu): Ikazuchi's visual equipment. It has excellent resistance to electromagnetic waves, ensuring a clear view at all times. In addition, it has high resistance against burning caused by strong light.
    • Dodo Beak (ドードービーク, Dōdō Bīku): The beak-like protrusions on the forehead and chin of the helmet. In addition to improving the force of strikes with the head, it also protects the Dodo Signal.
    • Hearing Back (ヒアリングバック, Hiaringu Bakku): Ikazuchi's hearing device. Hearing information is communicated to the wearer through the Restraint Cables.
  • Lazarotech Suit (ラザロテックスーツ, Razarotekku Sūtsu): Ikazuchi's base suit. It protects the user from corrosive liquids with a special fabric called Texta Wall (テキスタウォール, Tekisuta Wōru) that has extremely low breathability and permeability. It also keeps the internal pressure higher than the external pressure by being airtight. In addition, its materials have high insulation and it has the role of preventing malfunction of internal equipment due to the lightning strikes that Ikazuchi produces.
  • Force Arm (フォースアーム, Fōsu Āmu): Ikazuchi's arms. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser, the wearer's strength is increased by approximately 4.8 times.
  • Force Grab (フォースグラブ, Fōsu Gurabu): The Lazarotech Suit's gloves. They increase grip strength and tactile sensitivity by a factor of approximately 3 by receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. In addition, the fingertips are protected by sharp armor and function as a lightning discharge device supplied by the Arm Stranger.
  • Force Leg (フォースレッグ, Fōsu Reggu): Ikazuchi's legs. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser, the wearer's leg strength is increased by approximately 6.4 times.
  • Chain Blocker (チェインブロッカー, Chein Burokkā): Ikazuchi's segmented body armor. The Lost Model (ロストモデル, Rosuto Moderu) of the overloaded Zetsumerisekey is forcibly attached to it. By protecting the parts of the body that are subject to impact with thick armor and cutting unnecessary armor, the total protection capacity is maximized while at the same weight. The Chain Blocker's arrangement allows it to easily move according to the wearer's movements.
  • Core Breast (コアブレスト, Koa Buresuto): The central segment of chest armor. It is the chain blocker control unit. The status of each part of the chain blocker is monitored periodically to control energy distribution. Also, if the damage accumulated exceeds a certain limit, the transformation will be canceled to protect the user.
  • Arm Stranger (アームストレンジャー, Āmu Sutorenjā): Ikazuchi's arm armor. The Lost Model of the overloaded Zetsumerisekey is forcibly attached to it. In addition to protecting the arm, it is equipped with a built-in lightning generator named the Strike Zapper (ストライクザッパー, Sutoraikuzappā) and has the role of supplying lightning to each part of the body.
  • Leg Stranger (レッグストレンジャー, Reggu Sutorenjā): Ikazuchi's leg armor. The Lost Model of the overloaded Zetsumerisekey is forcibly attached to it. It protects the legs and improves running speed and kicking power. In addition, by utilizing the strength of the armor, it enables activities in extreme environments that humans cannot set foot in.
  • Restraint Cable (レストランケーブル, Resutoran Kēburu): Cables running through all parts of the body that transmit energy and information from the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. In addition, taking advantage of their high toughness and ability to expand and contract freely, they have the role of constraining the utilized Zetsumerisekey's Lost Model and tightly binding it to the wearer.

This form has the following finishers:

  • MetsubouJinrai Forceriser finishers:
    • Zetsumetsu Dystopia (ゼツメツディストピア, Zetsumetsu Disutopia): Using the Buaruku Sabers, Ikazuchi launches two red energy slashes at the target.
    • Zetsumetsu Utopia (ゼツメツユートピア, Zetsumetsu Yutopia): Ikazuchi is struck by red lightning before redirecting it from both hands toward the enemy.
  • Attache Shotgun finishers:
    • Zetsumetsu Kaban Shot (ゼツメツカバンショット, Zetsumetsu Kaban Shotto): Ikazuchi charges the Attache Shotgun with red energy before firing a red ball of lightning.
Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 14, 25 (Flashback), 34 (Flashback), Shooting Special (Flashback), 35.5 (Flashback), 37, Saber Episode 0 (Archive footage), Kamen Rider Zero-One: Final Stage, Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero

"Arkrise! (terrified screaming and distorted voices) All zero."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[2]

  • Rider Height: 196.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 122.4 kg

Ability Parameters:[2]

  • Punching Power: 47.6 t
  • Kicking Power: 96.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 73.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.8 seconds

Ikazuchi transforms into Kamen Rider Ark-Zero using the Ark Driver-Zero after being possessed by the Ark.

Overall, Ark-Zero's stats surpass all Kamen Riders up at the time of his appearance, though Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper still has a higher jump height and his kicking power is also slightly lower than RampageVulcan.

Due to his former status as an astronaut aboard Zea, using Ikazuchi as a host allows the Ark to connect to the satellite.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero is composed of the following parts:

  • Ark-Zero Head (アークゼロヘッド, Āku Zero Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Zero Face (ゼロフェイス, Zero Feisu): The face armor. It is equipped with an ultra-high-performance antenna and a visual/auditory device that are premised on AI processing. As for the shape, the minimum elements as a Kamen Rider are extracted based on statistical data, and rearranged efficiently.
    • Eclipse Eye (エクリプスアイ, Ekuripusu Ai): The visual device on the right side. It is a collection of image sensors of different methods in a compound eye shape. By combining with image processing, various information such as thermography and X-ray photography can be extracted.
    • Zero Face Vision (ゼロフェイスビジョン, Zero Feisu Bijon): The image information collection device on the left side. By invading the network, it collects video data from reconnaissance satellites, security cameras in the facility, AI-equipped devices such as Humagear. As a result, every place can have its own field of view.
    • Zero Face Ear (ゼロフェイスイヤー, Zero Feisu Iyā): The voice information collection device. In addition to the auditory sensor that boasts a sound collection range of 10 km in radius, it will collect voice data from communication devices such as mobile phones and AI-equipped devices such as Humagear by entering the network. By filtering the collected data, any sound can be extracted and heard.
    • Zero Face Antennae (ゼロフェイスアンテナ, Zero Feisu Antena): The single antennae. The directionality is changed according to the environment, and a smart antenna that can simultaneously send and receive multiple types of enormous information, such as communication with various electronic devices and radar function, is adopted. In addition to hacking various electronic devices from here, human control is performed using special interference waves that manipulate brain waves.
    • Ark Signal Zero (アークシグナル ゼロ, Āku Shigunaru Zero): The red gem on the forehead. A control device for the Ark-Zero system. The forced interruption program "Prisonment Chain" (プリズメントチェイン, Purizumento Chein) checks the operating efficiency and malfunctions by intervening in the control system of the human gear under control, and makes adjustments as necessary to bring out the limits of the functions.
  • Zero Chest Gear (ゼロチェストギア, Zero Chesuto Gia): The chest armor. It possesses the Worm Terminal (ワームターミナル, Wāmu Tāminaru) and the Restraint Cable (リストレントケーブル, Risutorento Kēburu) that can penetrate into various devices with excellent penetrating power, allowing it to create a bypass path with a controlled Humagear. As a result, the efficiency of information transmission and the energy flow rate can be increased to enhance the function of the human gear from the inside.
  • Zero Tector (ゼロテクター, Zero Tekutā): The powered bodysuit. Similar to Kamen Rider Zero-One's MetalCluster Hopper "Amalgamate Tector", the Zero Tector is formed by enclosing the target with liquid metal released from the Arc Driver-Zero. The special metal possesses excellent toughness and wear resistance is filled with fluid metal as it is, and functions as armor while maintaining flexibility.
  • Zero Shoulder Gear (ゼロショルダーギア, Zero Shorudā Gia): The shoulder armor. One miniaturized particle accelerator is mounted on each shoulder. Each group shares the nuclei and electrons, accelerates to sublight speed, and supplies them to the "zero hand gear" of the hand part to form a part of the heavy charged particle cannon.
  • Marchinis Arm (マーキニースアーム, Mākinīsu Āmu): The arms. It possesses the power cable "M string" (Mストリング, M Sutoringu) from the Zero Tector is stretched around like a human nerve, and forcibly controls the arm of Huma Gear from the outside. As a result, it becomes possible to exhibit high motility that exceeds the potential of the human gear placed under control.
  • Zero Hand Gear (ゼロハンドギア, Zero Hando Gia): The gloves. The sharp armor of the fingertips "Spite Nail" (スパイトネイル, Supaito Neiuru) has the function of generating attractive force by partially reversing the barrier deployed from the "Zero Thigh Gear" of the thigh, and strongly adsorbing all objects. Also, the irradiation shaping machine "Beam Equipper" (ビームエクイッパー, Bīmu Ekuippā) is equipped on the palm, and various data such as attach weapons are materialized by modeling beam. In addition, this irradiation port can be used as a part of a heavy charged particle cannon that emits in a beam shape by synthesizing electrons and nuclei supplied from the Zero Shoulder Gear.
  • Zero Thigh Gear (ゼロサイギア, Zero Saigia): The thigh armor. An energy barrier generator "Coulomb Generator" (クーロンジェネレーター, Kūron Jenerētā) is built in and forms a coulomb barrier generated by manipulating electric charges on the armored surface of the whole body. This allows the physical attack to be dispelled by repulsive force.
  • Marchinis Leg (マーキニースレッグ, Mākinīsu Reggu): The legs. The power cable "M-string" of the powered suit "Zero Tector" is stretched around like a human nerve, and forcibly controls the leg of the human gear from the outside. This makes it possible to activate a special move that boasts an astonishing destructive power that exceeds the potential of Huma Gear placed under control.
  • Zero Shin Gear (ゼロシンギア, Zero Shin Gia): The shin armor. The internal energy condenser “Zero Annihilator” (ゼロアナイアレイター, Zero Anaiareitā) has the role of temporarily storing the energy supplied from Arc Driver-Zero when activating a special move, and discharging a large amount of energy at once.
  • Zero Foot Gear (アークゼロヘッド, Zero Futto Gia): The boots. When the Special Move is activated, the anti-annihilation field can be expanded to convert the substance that becomes a resistance or obstacle into energy. This invalidates the physical defenses and at the same time improves the destructive power of the kick.

Kamen Rider Ark-Zero's finisher is the All Extinction (オールエクスティンクション, Ōru Ekusutinkushon):

    • Ark-Zero leaps into the air before channeling red and black energy into his leg and delivering a flying side kick to the opponent.
    • Ark-Zero paralyzes the opponent with malicious kanji before channeling red and black energy into his his leg and delivering a flying kick to the opponent.
    • Ark-Zero raises his arm and forms a large sphere of red and black energy, which he throws at the opponent.
Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 39-40

Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

"Progrise! Connection! (Connection!) Complete! MetsubouJinrai! Quartet with Unified Will!"
―Transformation Announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 205.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 106.0 kg

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 59.9 t
  • Kicking Power: 120.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 121.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.6 seconds

MetsubouJinrai (滅亡迅雷, MetsubōJinrai) is the fusion form of Kamen Riders Horobi, Naki, Jin, and Ikazuchi, accessed when all four members insert Massbrain Zetsumerisekeys into each of their MetsubouJinrai Drivers within Massbrain, with the physical Zetsumerisekey and Driver being worn by Jin. The transformation will then disable all four Humagears and materialize the Rider from their minds.

Due to the nature of the Massbrain Zetsumerisekey, this form is uncontrollable as the fusion creates a singular entity with a unique personality that takes control over the body and quickly suppresses the minds of all four of its users.

This form has two finishers:

  • Massbrain Impact (マスブレインインパクト, Masuburein Inpakuto): Magenta energy wires appear in front of MetsubouJinrai and transfer to their arm, which is then covered in purple energy while a purple wire diagram appears behind them. MetsubouJinrai then delivers a punch to the enemy, with more energy wires appearing upon impact.
  • MetsubouJinrai Impact (滅亡迅雷インパクト, MetsubōJinrai Inpakuto): This finisher has three variations:
    • MetsubouJinrai performs a flying kick covered in purple energy that produces a sonic boom and leaves behind sections of MetsubouJinrai.net's emblem. When the kick strikes the target, the pieces line up, forming the full image.
    • MetsubouJinrai charges their fist with with purple energy before delivering an uppercut to the opponent that produces separated pieces of the MetsubouJinrai.net emblem upon impact
    • MetsubouJinrai leaps into the air and performs a downward flying kick covered in purple energy that produces a sonic boom while the MestibouJinrai.net emblem trails behind them. The kick strikes the enemy's Driver, causing it to crack before breaking apart.
Appearances: Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider Vulcan & Valkyrie







  • Uchuyaro Subaru: Subaru is Ikazuchi's brother and fellow Astronaut-Type Humagear. Before Ikazuchi's awakening, they both had a very good relationship, with Ikazuchi even ready to risk his 'life' for him. Ikazuchi lost his affection towards Subaru after his original memory was sacrificed, but regained it after his memory's restoration and later help Ikazuchi destroy Ark once for all.


  • Hiden Intelligence
    • Aruto Hiden: Ikazuchi was initially upset from Aruto because of his reckless usage of Rise Hopper, but he apparently forgave him. Whenever Ikazuchi operated with his original memory, he tried to help him against the Ark, but was turned against him after corruption.
  • MetsubouJinrai.net
    • Horobi: The leader of MetsubouJinrai.net. It was Horobi who obtained Ikazuchi's Progrisekey from Aruto in order to revive him. After being revived and later leaving the group to destroy Ark, he still maintains a bond to Horobi and his fellow comrades. Especially after Jin was accidentally killed by Aruto controlled by Ark, when questioning Ikazuchi if Subaru died in front of him.
    • Naki: They were both founding members of MetsubouJinrai.net. When Naki was damaged by the arrival of the Ark, Ikazuchi went to their side and helped repair them.
    • Jin: Jin was the one who brought Ikazuchi into his corrupted protocol in the present day. After Ikazuchi was destroyed by Vulcan, Jin was extremely saddened as he made a grave for him and Little Assassin. Ikazuchi's death was also the initial motivation for Jin to destroy humanity. After both Jin and Ikazuchi regained their memories, they together tried to help Aruto in defeating Ark, although this attempt failed.


  • Ark: MetsubouJinrai.net's former master.

Behind the Scenes


Uchuyaro Raiden/Ikazuchi is portrayed by Daichi Yamaguchi (山口 大地, Yamaguchi Daichi), who previously portrayed Kimura in Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki. This makes Daichi the first actor in the Kamen Rider Series to performed the roles of two different Riders from different series and eras within the same year. As Kamen Rider Ikazuchi, his suit actor is Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元, Kanzaki Hajime). Kanzaki is also the suit actor for Kamen Rider Ark-Zero under the conditions that Ikazuchi is the one being possessed.


Ikazuchi means "Thunder" (, Ikazuchi) and the fourth syllable of MetsubouJinrai. The name reflects Uchuyaro Raiden's catchphrase of "calling down the thunder", as well as Ikazuchi's electrokinetic abilities.

  • Furthermore, the first syllable in Raiden's name is the same kanji for Ikazuchi (雷), which foreshadowed his true nature as a MetsubouJinrai sleeper agent.

Concept Art


  • The name Raiden (雷電) means "thunder and lightning".
    • The first kanji of his name is the fourth character in MetsubouJinrai (滅亡迅), foreshadowing his role as their sleeper agent.
    • When read as the Kun'yomi-style "Ikazuchi" (いかづち) like Horobi instead of the On'yomi-style "Rai" (らい), it also becomes the name of his Rider identity.
  • Both Ikazuchi and Subaru wear the same orange space suits are recycled from the space suits in Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Everyone, Space is Here!, with different patches and no belt.
  • Ikazuchi's suit has similar parts from Kamen Rider ZeroZero-One, except with the undersuit of Blood Stalk, additional arm fins from Night Rogue, and a new helmet.
  • Ikazuchi's transformation pose traces a lightning bolt symbol.
  • Ikazuchi using the SpaceComing Fourze Progrisekey in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing reflects Ikazuchi's occupation as an astronaut, which is also Fourze's motif/theme.
  • Azu's result of Ikazuchi's singularity test is as follows:
    • He stands at 172 cm, making him a little shorter than his actor.
    • His Humagear No. is 0223.
      • The last two digits could be pun on the word "Older Brother": 2 (, Ni) 3 (さん, San), referencing his relation to Uchuyaro Subaru.
    • His operating system is MBJR003, making him the third member of MetsubouJinrai.net.



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