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Type TV-KUN: Hunter & Monster! Chase the Mystery of the Super Thief! (type TV-KUN ハンター&モンスター!超怪盗の謎を追え! Taipu Terebi-kun Hantā to Monsutā Chō Kaitō no Nazo Ōe) is a Special DVD episode of Kamen Rider Drive, and the second special in the Secret Mission series.


In the Drive Pit, Kiriko is taking pictures of an accident scene re-enacted by the Shift Cars. Shift Justice Hunter and Massive Monster appear to be the two major parties involved, with Shinnosuke surprised that Mr. Belt and Kiriko are able to understand the Shift Cars' thoughts. Shinnosuke attempts to appease Hunter and Monster, but Monster trips him and flees, with Hunter giving chase. Mr. Belt explains that Hunter and Monster make good partners, to Shinnosuke's disbelief.

At the Roidmudes' base, Heart plans to revive Roidmude 005. Brain objects, stating that their uprising during the Global Freeze failed because Roidmude 005 acted on his own, allowing Proto-Drive to discover the Roidmudes' plans. Heart then explains that it is due to this reason that he wants 005 to take responsibility for his own actions, by defeating the current Drive. 005 later attacks Monster, but due to Hunter's interference, 005 takes Hunter instead.

Back at the Special Investigations Unit base, Kiriko and Shinnosuke talk about how Monster and Hunter have not yet returned, while Rinna enters, with a letter containing traces of Heavy Acceleration particles. The letter details a plan to steal a painting worth 500 million yen, and is sign by an individual named "Ultimate Lupin". Lieutenant Otta later enters, saying that said painting has been stolen from a corporate bigwig, whose daughter has also been kidnapped. He mistakenly calls the perpetrator by the name "Alphabet Lupin". Kyu receives news that Lupin has already contacted the media, as the team watch a video clip of the hostage reading out a note written by the kidnapper. Shinnosuke notes that the perpetrator's modus operandi is similar to an incident which took place six months ago, and rushes off to the scene of the kidnap.

There, he meets Roidmude 005, who has taken the form of Kōya Nishihori, a criminal whom Shinnosuke once apprehended. 005 states that he has taken Nishihori's feelings of vengeance, and set up the kidnapping to attract Shinnosuke's attention. He transforms into his Roidmude form and fights Shinnosuke, who passes Shift Midnight Shadow to the hostage, telling her to escape. Shinnosuke then transforms into Drive, fighting 005 with the Handle-Ken. 005 provokes Drive by reminding him of how his partner, Hayase, got injured during the Global Freeze, and reveals that the real hostage in this case is Shift Justice Hunter. 005 threatens to destroy Hunter if Drive attacks. Just then, Monster appears, with Drive revealing that he can finally understand the Shift Cars' thoughts, and that Hunter is telling Drive not to worry about him and to continue to fight. 005 prepares to fire at Drive, but Monster interferes, and at the same time frees Hunter. Drive transforms into Type Speed Monster and subsequently Type Speed Hunter, combining both Monster's and Hunter's finishers to destroy Roidmude 005. 005's core is seemingly destroyed as well. Shinnosuke finally realizes that Hunter and Monster are true partners after all.

As Shinnosuke returns to the Drive Pit, he is dismayed to find Hunter and Monster arguing with each other yet again. He tells the two of them to stop, only to get struck at yet again. As he falls to the floor, he wonders where the real Lupin is.

Continuity and Placement

  • It take place between episode 6 and 7[1]
    • The Roidmude Count place the special between episodes 4 and 5.


Guest Cast

005's Hostage

The hostage

Suit actors

Shift Cars

Roidmude Count

  • Appearing/Casualties: Heart, Brain, 005
  • Count at episode end: 100 (101) out of 108


  • When Shinnosuke transforms into Drive, the standby sound begins after he lifts the Shift Speed Car on the Shift Brace.




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