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Type HIGH SPEED! The True Power! Type High Speed is Born! (Type HIGH SPEED! ホンモノの力! タイプハイスピード誕生! Taipu Hai Supīdo! Honmono no Chikara! Taipu Hai Supīdo Tanjo!) is the fourth special of the Secret Mission series and the second Hyper Battle DVD of Kamen Rider Drive.

This HBV marks the debut appearances of Drive's Type High Speed, Type High Speed Vegas, and Type High Speed Flare, as well as a fake version of Kamen Rider Drive called Fake Drive.


Shinnosuke and Kiriko are following a trail of illegal knock-offs of the popular Televi-Kun magazine, the Tevile-kun. This investigation puts them against the "mastermind", Roidmude 027, who during battle manages to copy Drive's equipment, becoming Fake Drive! Now facing the opponent who has all of his skills (not true) and is just as powerful (also not true), Shinnosuke doesn't know what to do, when Mr. Belt comes up with a novel idea - to upgrade all of Drive's equipment to much higher standards. And so, Kamen Rider Drive ascends into High Speed!




Shinnosuke and Kiriko ambushed an abandoned warehouse where they discover several boxes of Tevile-Kun, knock-off versions of the Televi-KunIcon-crosswiki where cases of fake Televi-Kun surfaces since a week before, with Kyu Saijo among the victims. An unknown man appeared and reveal himself as Roidmude 027, whom revealed to the one behind this piracy. The Shift Cars and Drive Driver arrive as Shinnosuke transformed into Drive faced him but only ended up having the Drive Driver, Shift Brace and the Shift Speed replicated.

Roidmude 027 use it to become the Fake Drive and proceed to fight with the Door-Ju-disguised water gun along with an actual copy of Handle-Ken. After Drive uses multiple Tire Exchanges, 027 barged in when he was about to use Max Flare, thus leaving Drive tire-less while the impostor wield the Max Flare Tire and overpower him so much that the recently arrived Mach was fooled by the impostor to attack the real one before fleeing.

At the Drive Pit, Shinnosuke and the others shocked when witnessing the impostor Drive in his mischievous spree (drawing a graffiti, stealing a person's bike and walk while texting). While both the real and Fake Drive had the same power, Kiriko noted that impostors were always no better than the real ones, by comparing the differences with two types of violins. An idea hits Shinnosuke and ordered the creation of a luxurious sports car-themed Shift Car. First by remodeling Tridoron, the data was removed from the car into the Shift Speed, turning it into Shift High Speed.

While the Fake Drive is selling Tevile-Kun, Shinnosuke appeared from a newly arrived luxurious car and Kiriko foils the impostor's plot. Shinnosuke transformed into Type High Speed, where he easily outsmarted the impostor's attacks, followed by Type High Speed Vegas. As Fake Drive tried to run, Go/Mach stopped from from fleeing. Max Flare appeared himself, having upgraded into Mega Max Flare and wanted to get revenge on the impostor, with Drive use Mega Max Flare and overpowered him. Forcing to revert to his original form, Roidmude 027 met his demise at the hands of Drive Type High Speed, ending his life.

While Shinnosuke, Kiriko and Go were surveying the two upgraded Shift Cars, Mr. Belt and Rinna revealed that the two Shift Cars only received redecorations, with their powers still remained the same and that Shinnosuke's prowess in the battle earlier was due to his Top Gear state in it's highest level.

In the epilogue, Kyu had recently buy the real Televi-Kun, and as he proceed to read, the commercial for Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki appears.

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Shift Cars & Signal Bikes

Roidmude Count

  • Appearing/Casualties: 027†
  • Count at episode end: 87 out of 108




  • Shadow Moon appears as a "main feature" (which is actually crayon sketches of him) and cover for a fake Televi-kun Magazine, Tevile-kun, in this special.
  • A gag appears in this special, as Mach tries to remove the High Speed Shift Car from Drive's Shift Brace. Shift Cars cannot be removed from the brace until the Igniter is pressed.
  • Among the Secret Missions, Type HIGH SPEED! provides the fifth and last of five clue letters to reveal who killed Masahiko Odagiri, a mystery which forms the plot of Type TOKUJO, with the clues being hinted by a quiz at the end of TOKUJO's third episode. When all were put together, it came out as ZIKO!, revealing his death to have infact been an accident.


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