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TypeEX. - Quietly Listen! The Sole Old-Model Rider is the final episode of the net movie series, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~. It focuses on Kamen Rider G3.


Kamen Rider G3 tries to give a speech to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider, but goes into a rant about how he is the only Rider who cannot transform and must suit up into his equipment. He also says he is one of the few Riders who does not say "Henshin" and takes the longest time to transform, though he does not really transform so much as put his armor on. He also says that Heisei Riders form change, but he needed to be upgraded into a newer model, saying that being G3 is essentially a leftover outdated model rather than a form. He then laments about what will happen to him once G3-X is used more, that he may just sit in a warehouse collecting dust. Some unheard commentator mentions Omuro would be a good candidate to wear the suit and G3 refuses to acknowledge him. He then tells the audience that there is too much drama in his trailer before getting punched in the gut by Den-O and carried off by the Riders, who complain about how heavy G3 is.


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  • The concept of G3 being an "Old-Model Rider" refers to how the G3 suit is phased out after the development of the G3-X suit
    • The "Omuro is a better candidate" comment refers to how Takahiro Omuro, another member of the SAUL unit, is obsessed with becoming G3 or G3-X himself; ultimately becoming G3 during the final episodes of Agito when SAUL starts working to fighting against the Agito instead of alongside them as predecessor Makoto Hikawa tended to do with Shouichi Tsugami.
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