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Type48. - Searching for a Great Treasure Over the Match! (勝負より大事なお宝を探す! 〜しし座A型の君へ〜) is the forty-eighth episode of the net movie series, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~. It focuses on Kamen Rider Diend, and is narrated by Kivat.


Viewers who are Leo A type are…Kamen Rider Diend!

Card Riders: Poker Battle

Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are having a poker duel with Diend with their prides at stake. Garren has a flush, Chalice a straight, and Shadow a full house, but Diend has nothing, a "pig hand"—this may be "the end" for Diend. His opponents' hands are laid down, what will Diend do?

Diend uses KamenRide: Riotroopers to summon three Riotroopers! The Riotroopers begin attending to his opponents, fanning Shadow, massaging Garren's shoulders and neck, and serving tea to Chalice. With the other players distracted, Diend slips out the back. Diend always knows to escape when he can't win.

Fated Rider

Diend's soul friend Rider is J, and devil Rider is Kabuki. For female viewers, Hibiki is their lover, and New Den-O is recommended for marriage.


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