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Type4. - Quietly Listen! The Tragedy of the 20th Anniversary Rider!! (静聴!20年ライダーの悲劇!!〜おとめ座O型の君へ〜 Seichō! 20-Nen Raidā no Higeki!! ~Otome-za Ō-gata no Kimi e~) is the fourth episode of the net movie series, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~. It focuses on Kamen Rider ZO.


Kamen Rider ZO is the first chosen Rider to give the Kamen Rider State of the Union Address. He congratulates the franchise on reaching its 40th anniversary and the release of the new film. ZO then notes that he was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary, but then the speech becomes a rant. He complains that he was created in 1993 and that the 20th anniversary was in 1991, so that means he was made to celebrate the 22nd anniversary.

He then complains that when appearing in a scene with Kamen Rider J, no one in the audience can tell them apart, about no one knowing how to pronunce his name (people mistake it as "Zoh"), and the fact that in Movie War 2010, his nemesis Doras was the main villain and he wasn't there to fight him or finish him off.

He then screams that he is tired of this treatment and demands to know who is responsible. He angrily rants that he has more to say and says, "The Riders were originally...". However, 2, OOO, and Den-O drag him off the stage before he can finish his sentence.


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  • ZO's last sentence was probably about how Kamen Riders were originally just cyborgs, whereas ZO was genetically enhanced and modified into a cyborg.
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