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Type36. - Quietly Listen! Modification Truly is Life! (静聴! 改造こそわが人生! 〜おとめ座AB型の君へ〜) is the thirty-sixth episode of the net movie series, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~. It focuses on Kamen Rider 1.


Kamen Rider 1 gives the Kamen Rider State of the Union address, only to rant about how modern Kamen Riders are not cyborgs anymore. He says that they do not understand the loneliness of being a Kamen Rider or a cyborg and that these new Riders don't deserve the name. He says that is what he would say, but it is not like him to disrespect his juniors. He says that it is okay to modify their bodies through sports and exercise to get stronger. He asks the Heisei Riders if they have been training hard to get stronger, but only Hibiki responds and the rest do not answer.

Rider 1 is shocked and angered by this and says this is not good at all. He then goes on a tangent that all the newer Riders should be remodeled into cyborgs after all, saying to "pick an organization and let them remodel you" naming Shocker and Destron as candidates. 2 rushes in to support his friend's idea of remodeling the Heisei Riders, but an embarrassed Den-O and OOO beg them to knock it off and take them off the stage.


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  • Rider 1's judging of the newer Riders as not being true Kamen Riders, while played for comedy here, would form the plot of Kamen Rider Taisen (2014), where Takeshi Hongo leads the Showa Riders against the Heisei Riders.
  • The part where Rider 1 asks if the Heisei Riders have been training and Hibiki being the only one to reply is somewhat incorrect. Kuuga, Den-O, and OOO had trained to better use their powers in at least one episode of their series, and even Fourze, Wizard, and Ghost have done so long after this Net Movie.
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