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Type16. - The Destroyer Destroys the Match! (破壊者は勝負を破壊する! 〜ふたご座O型の君へ〜) is the sixteenth episode of the net movie series, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders: ~Let's Look! Only Your 48 Riders~. It focuses on Kamen Rider Decade, and while the intro and outro are narrated by Kivat, the poker segment is narrated by Mark Okita.


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Viewers who are Gemini O type are... Kamen Rider Decade!

Card Riders: Poker Battle

Card Riders Garren and Chalice along with General Shadow are having a poker duel with Decade with their prides at stake. Garren has a flush, Chalice a straight, and Shadow a full house, but Decade has nothing, a "pig hand". His opponents' hands are laid down, what will Decade do?

Decade uses Final FormRide: Garren, Final FormRide: Chalice, and Final FormRide: General Shadow to turn his opponents into inanimate objects! Garren becomes a diamond-shaped traditional Japanese sweet, Chalice a heart-shaped block of chocolate, and Shadow a fishbowl. Decade then proceeds to gather all the Cell Medals on the table used as poker chips. And not a hint of malice.

Fated Rider

Decade's soul friend Rider is Kuuga Dragon Form, and devil Rider is Todoroki. For female viewers, Double HeatJoker Form is their lover, and Kiva Emperor Form is recommended for marriage.


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Rider Cards

  • Card Used:
    • Kamen Ride: Decade
    • Attack Ride: N/A
    • Form Ride: N/A
    • Final Form Ride: Garren, Chalice, General Shadow
    • Final Attack Ride: N/A
    • Final Kamen Ride: N/A
    • K-Touch: N/A
  • Forms:
    • Decade


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  • This is the only poker game segment in the net movie collection that is narrated by someone other than Kivat at any point. The reason for this is possibly due to Mark Okita providing the voice of the Decadriver, Decade's transformation belt.
  • Though cards like G4's AttackRide: Gigant and Kaixa's AttackRide: Side Basshar suggest that Decade may have more cards based on peripheral Riders, he shouldn't have any cards for General Shadow, who isn't a Rider at all.
    • The actual card he pulls out is also the Final FormRide: Blade card, as can be briefly glimpsed as he is turning it around.
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