This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A red and black humanoid ant with long white hair that was loyal to Gork. Twister Bug could cause tornadoes and other disastrous winds by simply twirling himself in circles. Combat Chopper notifies Dex that Twister Bug is causing trouble at the park. During Dex's first confrontation, his Super Gold form proved useless against Twister Bug as the monster clogged all of Dex's joints with dirt. As Super Blue, Dex could easily maneuver against Twister Bug who managed to escape. During their second fight at the quarry, Twister Bug almost had Dex in his Super Blue form trapped by burying him alive in a large ant hill. Magno raced to save the day by running down Twister Bug and plowing Dex free from the ant hill. Dex escaped from the anthill and knocked down Twister Bug with his liquified attack. Upon deactivating the Super Blue mode, Dex defeated Twister Bug with the Electro Saber. Fits the category of Gork's unit.

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