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Professor Tsutomu Ejima ( Ejima Tsutomu) was a coworker of Shiro Kanzaki who helped him access the Mirror World.

Character History

Professor Ejima ran the Ejima Laboratory in Room 401 at Seimeiin University, working with Shiro Kanzaki in his attempts to access the Mirror World; Eri Ogawa and Hajime Nakamura also worked at the lab, but didn't know what Kanzaki and Ejima were doing. One year prior to the series, the Mirror World was accessed and Darkwing came out, attacking Eri and leaving her comatose; the lab was shut down and most of the staff left the university. Ejima was considered to have disappeared. Ren Akiyama's Lover

A year later, Ejima hid on the Fukutoshin train line when his car was emptied of its passengers by Zenobiter. He briefly encountered Reiko Momoi before leaving the train to wander the city in an attempt to evade the monsters after him, muttering that "it" wasn't his fault and carrying a Seal Card for protection. The Mysterious Empty Train

Ejima was pursued by Terabiter, holding the Seal Card up to any mirror it appeared in to drive it away. However, after he avoided a bicyclist, he accidentally dropped the card off a bridge into the river; without protection, he took off running. He tried returning to his lab, begging for Kanzaki's help, but was intercepted and attacked by Terabiter. Terabiter was chased away by Shinji and Ren, but Ejima had been mortally wounded, saying to Yui, "If only you didn't exist," before dying. Ren Akiyama's Lover

Behind the Scenes


Tsutomu Ejima is portrayed by Sensaburo Makimura (牧村 泉三郎 Makimura Sensaburō).

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