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Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ) is a woman from the year 2068 who guides Sougo Tokiwa to become Kamen Rider Zi-O.


In 2068, Ohma Zi-O was being attacked by the resistance, which he managed to defeat with minimal effort. After declaring that no one will be able to beat him, Ohma Zi-O clenched his fist and killed almost all of the Resistance members, save for Tsukuyomi as she was pushed to a narrow rift by the leader of the Resistance. She then decided to follow Geiz to 2018 to observe Sougo.

The Birth of Zi-O


Tsukuyomi is a no-nonsense individual, but is at least more friendly than Geiz as she tries to convince Sougo several times to not transform into Zi-O for the sake of the future, even willingly saving him from Geiz when the latter attempts to kill him. Tsukuyomi also shown to be quite the observant person as she analyzed Sougo's biography and actions thoroughly to determine whether he's really the Ohma Zi-O or not.


Zi-O Tsukuyomi with the Faiz Phone

Tsukuyomi about to shoot Sougo out cold


  • Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O: Like Geiz, Tsukuyomi believes Sougo to be the evil tyrant Ohma Zi-O and decided to go back in time to change his fate. At first, she seemed confused that a light-hearted teenager like Sougo could grow into an evil Demon King. But that quickly changes when she notices his earnest motivation to become a king and his ability to activate the Zi-O Ridewatch. Despite this, she wants to help and guide Sougo in being a hero as Zi-O so time and history can hopefully be altered for the better.
  • Geiz Myoukouin/Kamen Rider Geiz: Geiz and Tsukuyomi were the on the side determined to defeat Ohma Zi-O in the year 2068. But after witnessing many casualties, Geiz came to the conclusion that he needs to kill the man whom would become Ohma Zi-O in the past. Tsukuyomi does not agree with this but Geiz goes back in time. She tries to protect Sougo from him, believing it's not right to kill him for something he hasn't even done yet.
  • Woz: Tsukuyomi had some knowledge about Woz beforehand, though what she currently knows about him is currently unknown.

Behind the Scenes


Tsukuyomi is portrayed by Shieri Ohata (大幡 しえり Ohata Shieri).


Her name comes from the moon god Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto of the Shinto religion and Japanese myth.


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