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Icon-exaid.png This article is about a patient/game developer in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Tsukuru Koboshi (小星 作, Koboshi Tsukuru) is a video game developer for Genm Corp. and later its fifth CEO.



Tsukuru was one of the developers of the Rider Gashats, which he had worked on for five years along with the rest of Genm Corp. development team for the project. After the sudden disappearance of his boss Kuroto Dan, Mr. Koboshi tried to keep the company afloat after a lack of leadership caused Genm Corp. to suffer financially by developing a new game: Ju Ju Burger. His fellow employers also support Tsukuru to lead the development team under the new CEO of Genm Corp., Ren Amagasaki.

After an exhaustive amount of work, the game was completed. But the game was infected with the Bugster Virus and became corrupted and then infected Tsukuru. The Burgermon Bugster emerged from him, which frightened Mr. Koboshi at first until he realized it was in the likeness of his creation Burgermon. He then embraced his creation and the Bugster became friends with him, looking after him whenever the Game Disease made Mr. Koboshi feel sick. To develop the Ju Ju Burger Gashat, Tsukuru "borrowed" access to Kurto's private terminals to develop the game's coding. He created the game in case he needed to go to the CR to discuss his unique case of Game Disease.

Encounters with CR

One day, his friend Burgermon went outside and caused a panic because he was hungry. Tsukuru finally met with Emu Hojo and give him the Ju Ju Burger Gashat to feed Burgermon burgers from Ex-Aid Burger Gamer Level 4 to satisfy his hunger. If Burgermon is harmed, Tsukuru's stress would increase. Although he cares about Burgermon's well-being, Ex-Aid managed to find a way to clear Ju Ju Burger's game to ensure both Tsukuru and Burgermon would co-exist and live happily ever after. However, the happiness did not last long as he witnessed the destruction of Burgermon at the hands of Genm Zombie Gamer Level X, Tsukuru's former boss and the Gashat he created was confiscated by the evil Rider.

While mourning his late-Bugster friend Burgermon, Tsukuru ate a burger to honor his late friend. However, Kuroto sprays Tsukuru with a Bugster Virus from his Bugvisor, causing Tsukuru's to become sick again while manifesting Motors' Level 5 body. As he is hospitalized in CR, the Bugster plans to eliminate Tsukuru's supporters within Genm Corp. When Genm used Motors as bait to lure Ex-Aid, and destroy it which completely forge Parado's alliance with Kuroto, Tsukuru awakens and is cured quickly.

As Genm has growing rapidly stronger, Taiga commissioned Tsukuru to create a Gashat that can defeat Dangerous Zombie's power. Thinking about his time with Burgermon, he agreed and finished creating a prototype Gashat base. While he tries to suggest zombie-killing games by presenting his fighting monk game, his ideas were shot down by Taiga and Nico. Tsukuru then lets Hiiro use his computer to utilize the late Kiriya Kujo's data on the Bugsters to program his Gashat. When the Bugsters begin to invade Genm Corp. Tsukuru flees to safety.

Kamen Rider Chronicle

Though the company seems return to normal however, turns out that Tsukuru's new boss Ren is revealed to be the Loverica Bugster and has been working with the Bugsters all along, unaware to Tsukuru and the other human employees. Ren Amagasaki would use his influence to mass-produce Kamen Rider Chronicle to the market, infecting humans with Game Illness. After Loverica's death, Masamune Dan resumed his role as Genm Corp. CEO.

After the death of Masamune Dan, Tsukuru was appointed by Nico Saiba the new CEO of Genm Corp., and begins collaboration with Kiriya Kujo to work on vaccines for the various strains of the Bugster virus. He held this position for at least a year, presumably continuing to remain as CEO ever since.


Tsukuru is warm and friendly, albeit somewhat timid. He has been shown to be popular among his colleauges for his deameanor and skill.


  • Skilled Programmer: While nowhere near the level of Kuroto Dan, Tsukuru has an excellent proficiency in programming. He completed the JuJu Burger game almost entirely on his own, and is one of three people (Later four) to successfully create a Gashat.

Behind the Scenes


Tsukuru Koboshi is portrayed by Shohei Uno (宇野 祥平, Uno Shōhei)


Tsukuru's first name is the Japanese word for "to create" (作る, tsukuru).


  • While not the first Bugster patient to be infected by the Bugsters of two different games, Tsukuru is the first to have been given two infections at two different times, both previous double-infected patients receiving both of their infections at once.
  • Tsukuru is the only CEO of Genm Corp. to never fight against CR.



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