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True Form (真実の姿 Shinjitsu no Sugata) is the thirty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider 555. As indicated in the title, it features the revelation of Takumi's true form, the Wolf Orphnoch; and Mihara's first transformation into Kamen Rider Delta.


Takumi wants to revive Mari and Kusaka knows that the only chance she has lies with Smart Brain. Kiba finds out that Takumi is not the one that injured Mari. Kusaka wants to give away the three belts for her life, but decides that his mission to destroy Smart Brain is more important than Mari. Takumi goes to the chief of Smart Brain and asks to revive Mari. He says that he'll only do it if he becomes a member of Lucky Clover by killing Sawada. But he says that it's impossible because he is not an Orphnoch. Meanwhile, Kusaka manages to get the most scared student of the Ryusei School to fight as Kamen Rider Delta and they both try to defeat the Lobster and Spider Orphnoch. Takumi arrives on the scene and, in a dramatic fashion, transforms into the Wolf Orphnoch to kill Sawada.


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Faiz Volume 9

Kamen Rider 555 Volume 9, DVD cover

Kamen Rider 555 Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: Mari Dies, True Form, The Resurrection Riddle and Restored Memories.

81OyLonpD+L SL1378

Kamen Rider 555 Box 2, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 2 comes with 17 episodes.