This article is about a/an cross-series toyline in the Kamen Rider Series.

The Triple Change Henshin Series was a budget line of Kamen Rider Belt toys produced by Bandai. It was created in an effort to appeal to lower income families, but the toyline is currently discontinued as no new toys have been made.

The gimmick of the Triple Change series was that it would come with a default belt in each "Volume" that had pre-programmed sounds and three LED lights on the buckle to activate the light effects with the press of a button on the top of the belt. Each have 3 interchangeable buckle faceplates that activated the pre-programmed sound effects.

Chronological Order

  • Triple Change Vol. 1: Amazon, Decade, Kiva
  • Triple Change Vol. 2: V3, Black, Kabuto
  • Triple Change Vol. 3: Ryuki, Gatack, Stronger


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