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Trilobite Magia (トリロバイトマギア Torirobaito Magia)[1] are the foot soldiers of the Magia in Kamen Rider Zero-One. They are created when a Magia uses tendrils to hack other HumaGears. They can also be mass-produced by the Ark directly.


When the Berotha Magia first appeared, it hacked two nearby HumaGears that tried to stop it and transformed them into Trilobite Magia. Kamen Rider Zero-One defeated them with the Attache Calibur. One of these survived, but malfunctioned due to severe damage and attempted to attack Jin, who destroyed it. When arriving on the scene, they were confronted by six more, which were destroyed by the soldiers and Isamu Fuwa using the A.I.M.S. Shot Riser.

After its first battle with Kamen Rider Vulcan and Kamen Rider Zero-One, the Neohi Magia appeared on a rooftop with Jin and extended its tendrils into the nearby buildings, corrupting the HumaGear residents and creating dozens of Trilobite Magia. They were destroyed by Kamen Rider Valkyrie.


Each Trilobite Magia is armed with either a machine gun or a combat knife.

List of Trilobite Magia with known identities

  • Yui - an Amusement Park Staff-Type HumaGear who greeted visitors. She was converted by the Berotha Magia when she tried to stop him along with an unnamed male Park Staff-Type HumaGear.
  • Nigiro Ikkan - a Sushi Chef-Type HumaGear. He was converted by the Neohi Magia along with numerous other HumaGears.
  • Anna - a Bus Guide-Type HumaGear. She was converted by the Onycho Magia in the old Daybreak HumaGear Factory. However, unlike other Magia, Anna was only hostile for a moment before her original programming forcibly resurfaced, revealing the SD card's contents to the others before shutting herself down afterwards.
  • Mashirochan - a Nurse-Type HumaGear. She was converted by one of the hacked Giger units.

Behind the Scenes


The Trilobite Magia is named after the Trilobite, a class of extinct marine arthropods that lived from the Cambrian Period to the Permian Period.




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