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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and gore. Viewer discretion is advised!

Trigger of Destiny (運命のtrigger Unmei no torigā) is the first Episode of Kamen Rider Snipe: Episode ZERO.


The story of Taiga Hanaya and how he came to be...this is how it all begins.


Snipe is in a showdown with Genm, all the while recalling how his past has changed him into who he is now. Snipe brings up the Bang Bang Tank Gashat and inserts it into his Gashacon Magnum, ready to fire...

Flashback to 5 years ago, when Taiga Hanaya was still a radiologist working in the Seito University Hospital together with his partner, Jiro Maki. They had just finished examining a patient named Sasami who was cured of her cancer due to its early detection. After Sasami and her mother leave, Taiga alerts Maki to an unusual occurrence which appeared in the CT scan.

Meanwhile, at CR, Asuna informs Kuroto that they have found doctors who have discovered the Bugster virus, namely Taiga and Maki. The two doctors are then taken to CR to undergo a series of tests, with one of them being a VR simulation. Taiga enters the simulation and is given the Gashacon Magnum, while a few Bugster Viruses appear before him. To Poppy's and Maki's surprise, Taiga displays exceptional proficiency with the Magnum due to his experience in radiology.

Kuroto, impressed with the results, chooses Taiga to become Kamen Rider Snipe. However, Taiga has second thoughts, later confiding to Maki that he is reluctant to become a Kamen Rider as he still has his job as a radiologist to handle. Maki, thinking that Taiga is chickening out, decides to take matters into his own hands.

It has been two weeks since then, and Taiga has yet to see Maki since, thinking that there is definitely something about CR that is suspicious. Asuna then alerts him on a case of a Bugster-infected patient, which turns out to be Sasami, the patient that Taiga had handled before. The two head down to CR, where Asuna spots Maki with a Gamer Driver and the Proto Bang Bang Shooting Gashat. The two rush down to stop him, but it is too late. Maki attempts to transform, but ends up coughing out a huge amount of blood and collapsing.

Taiga would later remark that this moment would be the trigger that changed everyone's destinies.


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