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"Signal Bike, Shift Car! Rider: Chou Dead Heat! (Heavy metal ending solo)"
―Transformation announcement via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Hissatsu! Burst Full Throttle! Chou Dead Heat!"
―Finisher announcement via Mach Driver Honoh[src]

"Drive: Type Super Dead Heat! (Guitar solo followed by a tire screech)"
―Transformation announcement via Drive Driver[src]

"Super Dead Heat!"
―Finisher announcement via Drive Driver[src]

The Tridoron Key (トライドロンキー Toraidoron Kī) is a car key-shaped object which acts in a similar manner to the Shift Cars/Signal Bikes/Viral Cores, albeit lacking in sentience. It only appears in Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future.


As its name implies, the Tridoron Key allows the user to control Tridoron, such as calling it to their location. It can also collect data from Kamen Rider Drive, allowing the user to transform into Super Dead Heat Drive when they insert it into the Mach Driver Honoh. After the old Drive Driver is destroyed, Roidmude 108 evolved into the Paradox Roidmude and threw away Eiji's Drive Driver.

With Go heavily injured from Paradox's assaults, Shinnosuke deduced that the Tridoron Key's original purpose is in fact as a backup data of Krim's consciousness, should the original one be destroyed. With the help of the Type Change Shift Cars, Krim's AI was restored into the future Drive Driver, at the cost of Tridoron Key's existence.


  • When the Tridoron Key is inserted into the DX Shift Brace, the DX Drive Driver announces "Drive: Type Super Dead Heat".
  • When the Tridoron Key is inserted into the DX Break Gunner or Lupin Gunner, it announces Next System (ネクストシステム Nekusuto Shisutemu).


  • Super Dead Heat Drive's Full Throttle finisher is Burning Smash Macher (バーニングスマッシュマッハー Bāningu Sumasshu Mahhā)[1], which covers Drive's arm in bright red energy as he jumps towards the enemy and strikes him with a powerful energized punch.


  • This is the first form-accessing device to be a movie-exclusive trinket.
  • Normally, the "Super" prefix would indicate that Type Super Dead Heat would be the evolved form of Type Dead Heat, however, Super Dead Heat Drive has been shown to be much weaker than Drive Type Dead Heat.
  • It is unknown why the Mach Driver Honoh announces "Signal Bike, Shift Car" for the Tridoron Key since it doesn't qualify as either of these.
    • However, given that Shift Deadheat is a Shift Car/Signal Bike hybrid, the Tridoron Key could serve as an upgrade to said Shift Car/Signal Bike.
    • Also, the transformation ending music for Super Dead Heat Drive reuses Signal Chaser's transformation music instead of Shift Deadheat.
      • The reason behind this is that Super Dead Heat Drive is a mix of Drive Type Speed and Mashin Chaser instead of Drive Type Speed and Mach.
    • A possible connection is found in a novel mentioning the creation of the Shift Viral Core, created from the remains of the Rhino Super Viral Core used by Chaser. The toy version of both the latter trinket and the Tridoron Key possessed the same sliding pin code, meaning the Shift Viral Core's physical form was potentially considered, but wasn't made.

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