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Triceratops Dopant (トライセラトップス・ドーパント Toraiseratoppusu Dōpanto) is the Dopant form assumed when one uses the Triceratops Gaia Memory. [1]

Dopant Form

Triceratops Dopant

Big Triceratops

  • Height: 232cm
  • Weight: 222kg

As the Triceratops Dopant (トライセラトップス・ドーパント Toraiseratoppusu Dōpanto), the user possesses superhuman strength, can generate spheres of plasma, and uses the Dinosaur Club (ダイノソアクラブ Dainosoa Kurabu) as her weapon.

However, after the Gaia Memory's corruptive powers begin to take hold, the user eventually gains the ability to transform into a giant bipedal Triceratops called the Big Triceratops (ビッグ・トライセラトップス Biggu Toraiseratoppusu).


Aya Kujo

Main article: Aya Kujo

Aya Kujo

The main user of the Triceratops Memory was Aya Kujo (九条 綾 Kujō Aya), a former FPD officer who transferred to the LAPD under encouragement from her partner Masaki Mizoguchi, whom she loved. After the scrutiny and disappearance of Mizoguchi, Aya returns to Futo and purchases the Triceratops Memory in order to take revenge against the men responsible for Mizoguchi's disappearance and death: the crooked cops Himuro and Ken Akutsu. However, after killing off Himuro and Akutsu, Aya's revenge shifts to Futo as the Gaia Memory's corruptive powers begin to take hold. She eventually gains the ability to transform into Big Triceratops before Kamen Rider Accel stops her with the AccelGunner and its Gaia Cannon.

Futo Detective


Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider: memory of heroez

Triceratops Dopant, in its Big Triceratops form, serves as a boss in the game, fought by Kamen Rider OOO. It later reappears as a miniboss.

Powers and Abilities

Behind the Scenes



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