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Trial E (トライアルE Toraiaru Ī): A Shooting-Type Undead based on Garren's data & DNA. Destroyed by Blade King Form's Royal Straightflash. Another appeared in the Hyper Video Special Kamen Rider Blade: Blade vs. Blade, disguised as Kenzaki wearing a red scarf, it copied the Blay Buckle and transformed into Kamen Rider Blade. He fought the real Blade to a standstill with the clueless Sakuya Tachibana and Mutsuki Kamijou unable to tell the obvious difference until Hajime Aikawa came in and called out Blade's name, exposing Trial E as the impostor when it reacted faster than Kenzaki. He was eventually defeated by Blade's Jack and King Form with the help of Leangle's Remote Tapir and Garren's Gemini Zebra.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

Imitation Blade

Imitation Blade


Behind the Scenes



Trial E concept art


  • Trial E wore a scarf when disguised as Kenzaki and as Blade. Scarf-wearing riders had not been seen since Kamen Rider ZX.
  • In the Showa Era Kamen Rider Series, imitation riders were distinguishable by having scarves that were a different color from the real rider.
  • Being a imitation of the main rider, this also somewhat alludes to the fact that many titular Showa Era Riders of their series wore scarves; in terms of the scarf's color being red, it may specifically allude to Kamen Rider 1, 2, Skyrider, and Super-1.
  • Trial E's design coloristic resemble to the Shadow Moon form Kamen Rider Black.


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