This article is about a/an Dopant identity in Kamen Rider W.

Trash Dopant (トラッシュ·ドーパント Torasshu Dōpanto) is a Dopant created when a user activates the Trash Gaia Memory

Powers and Abilities

  • Trash Assimilation/Regeneration - The Trash Dopant can absorb garbage with its wire tendrills to repair itself from any damage taken.
  • Sludge Half Body - The Trash Dopant can withstand attacks thanks to half of its body being comprised of an toxic and acidic sludge, which allows objects to corrode or pass right through it. This proves so effective it withstood Double Fang Jokers's Fang Strizer kick.
  • Sludge Cannons - Trash can fire acidic sludge projectiles from its left arm, the sludge is so potent in acidity that it can eat through a human and melt thier flesh in minutes. The acid sludge can also severly damage Kamen Rider Double's armor.
  • Matter Eating - Trash can devour objects that humans cannot eat to grow stronger. (Ex. chewing metal pipes)


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