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"Toucon (Tousan) Kaigan! Boost! Ore-ga Boost! (Go!) Furuitatsu Ghost! (Fight!) GO! (Fight!) GO! (Fight!) GO! GO! (Fight!)"
―Transformation announcement with Ghost Driver[src]

"Tengan! Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
―Transformation announcement with Mega Ulorder[src]


Toucon Boost Parka Ghost.

For the individual this soul is derived from, see Ryu Tenkuji.

Toucon Boost Damashii (闘魂ブースト魂 Tōkon Būsuto Damashī, lit. "Fighting Spirit Boost Soul"), alternately known as Tousan Damashii (トウサン魂 Tōsan Damashī, lit. Father Soul), is the red evolved form of Ore Damashii created by the spirit of Ryu Tenkuji. Accessed through the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon, this form bears the Persona Fighting Spirit (ペルソナファイティングスピリット Perusona Faitingu Supiritto) helmet with the Face Crimson Fire (フェイスクリムゾンファイア Feisu Kurimuzon Faia). While assuming Toucon Boost Damashii, Ghost dons the Fighting Reflector (ファイティングリフレクター Faitingu Rifurekutā) where he is armed with the Sunglasseslasher.

Toucon Boost Damashii was released as part of the Ghost Change set GC-07 alongside Ghost's Boost Transient suit with the Sunglasseslasher Sword Mode and Blaster Mode.


  • Kamen Rider Ghost (Main User/Upgrade Form; Super Movie Wars Genesis, Ghost Episodes 12-20, Kamen Rider 1, Ghost 21-23, 26, 28, 30-32, 34, 36, 38, The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment, Ghost 43, Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders)
    • Ore (Ghost Change)
    • Grateful (Ghost Change)
    • Mugen (Ghost Change)
  • Kamen Rider Specter (Ghost Change)
    • Deep Specter (Ghost Change)
  • Kamen Rider Necrom (Ghost Change)
  • Kamen Rider Dark Ghost (Ghost Change)

Ghost Eyecon


  • Boost Omega Drive (Toucon Boost) (ブーストオメガドライブ 闘魂ブースト Būsuto Omega Doraibu (Tōkon Būsuto)): A flying kick that uses spiritual energy which makes the body and mask of Ghost's form glow and envelops him in a red fiery flame aura. It can also be used as a slash or shooting attack with the Sunglasseslasher.
    • In episode 18, Ghost uses the Sunglasseslasher, with the Himiko and Newton Eyecons inside, to create a powerful slash attack using Himiko's power with Newton's repulsion.

  • Blaster Mode: (Mega) Omega Flash ((メガ)オメガフラッシュ (Mega) Omega Furasshu)
    • Mega Omega Flash (Ore and Toucon Boost): The barrel is enshrouded by vermillion flames that then heat up the barrel to allow a white-hot stream of fire. While in Ryoma Damashii, the blast takes the form of a flaming dragon.

After scanning the Energy Eye Crest on the Gan Gun Saber/Hand's hilt with the Ghost Eyecon currently placed within his Ghost Driver and loading two Eyecons into the Blender Furnace chambers of the Sunglasseslasher, Ghost performs a strong finisher with the Gan Gun Saber and the Sunglasseslasher

  • Mega Omega Flash/Break (メガオメガフラッシュ/ブレイク Mega Omega Furasshu/Bureiku): After loading the Ore Ghost Eyecon and the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon in the Sunglasseslasher, Ghost can perform a slash attack with the Gan Gun Saber in Blade Mode and a shooting attack with the Sunglasseslasher.



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