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Toshiki Inoue (井上 敏樹 Inōe Toshiki) is a Japanese screenwriter.

He is known for his work on anime and tokusatsu dramas and films. He is the son of Masaru Igami, who himself was a screenwriter for tokusatsu dramas.

He made a cameo on-screen as a construction yard leader in the finale of Kamen Rider 555.






  • For early Kamen Riders' summer films (Ryuki to Blade), they are considered to be alternate endings to their series. Also, the way the main Riders' final form is introduced is different from the series.
  • Most Inoue-written Kamen Rider films are considered non-canon except for Kamen Rider 1.
  • Toshiki Inoue is infamously known for doing scenes and stories that often displease tokusatsu fans. The common criticisms that fans have towards Inoue is; misunderstandings between characters, implementing love triangles, the additional rival characters, neglecting previously established power-ups and weapons, and killing off Female Riders.
    • In the Faiz novel, Deformed Flowers, fans in the western Kamen Rider fandom lambasted Toshiki Inoue due to the dark subject matter of rape, said rape being inflicted upon Mari Sonoda by Masato Kusaka

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