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Icon-w.png This article is about a/an Dopant in Kamen Rider W.

Toshihide Zenkuji, also known as the Zoo Dopant (ズー・ドーパント Zū Dōpanto) is the main villain in the novel Kamen Rider W: ~The One Who Continues After Z~


The Zenkuji family (which consists of the oldest son, Toshihide himself and his wife Asami, his younger sister Reiko and her fiance Atsushi Shindo and his 18 year old sister Kasumi) is fighting over inheritance (though Kasumi and her maid (actually her biological mother in disguise) didn't join it). He, along with a hired assassin from Museum tries to kill Philip and Ryu so they would not interfere his fight for the inheritance as Zoo and Zero Dopant.

After weakened by Kamen Rider Cyclone, Toshihide undo his transformation and later his Memory is stolen by the maid, Azusa Yumioka. Azusa is then revealed to be Kasumi’s real mother. She stole the Memory in order to protect her daughter. But that doesn’t last long as Asami steals it back and pretty much everyone in the Zenkuji family wants Kasumi dead.

Because of Zenkuji’s vast resources, they get a bunch of unimportant people to use Gaia Memories and fight for them. The final battle consists 13 Dopants in total, Toshihide as Zoo, Asami as Queen Bee, Reiko as Flower, then there’s Elephant, Dolphin, Salamander, Fish, Ape, Bird, Cockroach and 3 Bee Dopants, a mass produced cheap version of Queen Bee.

Fortunately, Shotaro recovers from his flu and joins Philip as they transform together into their new form, CycloneJokerXtreme. Accel is present to help with the fight and in the end, the Riders win. Kamen Rider W: ~The One Who Continues After Z~