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The Tortoise Lords (トータスロード Tōtasu Rōdo) are able to swim through the ground like fish in water, their method of killing is to pull the human in the ground, burying them alive with no sign of the soil disturbed in the process.

A simulated Tortoise Lord was pitted against Makoto Hikawa, donning a virtual suit for the incomplete G3-X. Though he efficiently terminated the Unknown with the GM-01 Scorpion and hand-to-hand combat, the stress of using the G3-X system caused Hikawa to pass out. Fateful Showdown

Tortoise Lords


  • Ironically, Testudo Oceanus is the only Tortoise Lord whose animal basis is not a tortoise, being based on a sea turtle.
  • The Tortoise Lords being the second group of Lords to appear mirrors Turtle Bazooka, the turtle Destron Inhumanoid and the second Inhumanoid to be fought by Kamen Rider V3, being the second kaijin of the second show of the original era, just as the Tortoise Lords are the second species of monsters of the second show of the revival era.


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