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The Tortoise Fangire (トータスファンガイア Tōtasu Fangaia), also known as Numakawa, was one of the few Fangire who betrayed their race's laws by falling in love with a human. His true name was A Steep Slope Winking at a Lining (粘膜にウインクする坂道 Nenmaku ni Uinku suru Sakamichi) and he was from Lizard Class.

In his Fangire form, he is equipped with a thick shell strong enough to withstand anti-tank guns. He was confronted by Mio Suzuki but escaped after she began to doubt her duties as Queen. Though he escapes her a second time, Numakawa is ambushed by the Moose Fangire and injured before Kiva arrives to fight his attacker. Running from the fight, the Tortoise Fangire is stopped into Taiga Nobori, who transforms into Saga and destroys him for breaking the Fangire's laws by aiding humans.


Tortoise Fangire

Tortoise Fangire

  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 192 kg


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