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Tortoice Imagin (トータスイマジン Tōtasu Imajin) was a pair of evil Imagins in Kamen Rider Den-O.


Tortoice Imagin's Ticket

Tortoice Imagin's Ticket


The Tortoice Imagin is actually two Imagin in one: a dominant and slow tortoise-half with an energetic hare-half generally dormant inside the Imagin's body unless needed.

The Tortoice Imagin can fire large pellets out of his mouth and has a serious personality while his hare-half has a playful, childish personality.

The wish of the Imagin's contractor, Tanaka, is unclear because the wish is made at the time he is half-awake. However, the Tortoice Imagin is unable to travel back in time because Tanaka cannot remember making a contract. Once Tanaka is able to remember, the Tortoice Imagin travels back in time only to be defeated by Zeronos and Den-O taking on the Imagin and his hare half. However, the two halves reform into Gigandeaths, with Hell attempting to escape until the ZeroLiner corners it. The Heaven is destroyed by DenLiner Isurugi's beams and the Hell Gigandeath is chopped to pieces by Zeroliner Naginata's blades and explodes.


  • This Imagin's name is a misspelling, but it can be forgiven, as similar typos have popped up in Japanese media.
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