This article is about a/an transformation device in Kamen Rider (Skyrider).
For the Roidmude, see Tornado Roidmude.

The Transformation Belt Tornado (変身ベルト トルネード Henshin Beruto Torunēdo) is Skyrider's transformation belt and can give off the Super Light Wave (スーパーライトウェーブ Sūpā Raito Wēbu) from the Tornado.


Gravity Reduction Equipment

Skyrider can perform the Sailing Jump (セイリングジャンプ Seiringu Janpu) flight ability using the Gravity Reduction Equipment (重力低減装置 Jūryoku Teigen Sōchi) system on his belt. Like his predecessors, this belt is powered by wind.[1] The Tornado can also emit a bright flash used in the Super Lightwave attack.


Unused Tornado



  1. Though in practice he is able to fly, the explanation given for the power (his transformation belt is able to "reduce gravity") suggest that he is more accurately gliding.
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