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Tomonori Okano (岡野 友紀 Okano Tomonori) (Former name: Tomonobu Okano (岡野 友信 Okano Tomonobu)) portrayed the Past Man in Kamen Rider Den-O. He also played Samurai with Fukaamigasa in Kamen Rider Den-O and the adult Yuto Sakurai in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho-Den-O Trilogy: Episode Red: Zero no Star Twinkle.

He later portrayed a cop in episode 3 of Kamen Rider Kiva, the World of Ryuki's Kamen Rider Verde user in episode 6 and Masahiko Okamura's father in episodes 28 and 29 of Kamen Rider Decade, a director in episodes 13, 14, and 37 of Kamen Rider W, the event producer in episode 11 of Kamen Rider OOO, a photographer in Kamen Rider Wizard, a ramen shop owner in episode 8 of Kamen Rider Gaim, and Koba in episode 8 of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and a secretary in episodes 28 and 29 of Kamen Rider Build.

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