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The Tokujo-ka Key (特状課キー Tokujōka Kī, lit. "Special Investigation Unit Key") is a blue car key-shaped transformation device which allows the user to transform into the production model of Kamen Rider Mach. This key is designed after the Tridoron Key, another car-key shaped transformation device and is fully colored blue like the Mach Driver Production Model. It also has a gold-colored logo of the Special Investigation Unit, true to its name.

The transformation was first tested by Special Investigation Unit chief Jun Honganji, dubbing himself as 'Kamen Rider Jun'. However after transforming, he was unable to move due to spraining his neck, as well as some technical bugs in the suit's systems. Who Loves Heart the Most? However, despite Rinna and Honganji working around the clock to mass produce the belts themselves for the police, when Gold Drive invaded the Drive Pit, he destroyed most of the equipment in his assault leaving only a few functioning Mach Drivers which Rinna carried away and successfully salvaged. What is a Roidmude's Last Dream?

Later on, Honganji would become Kamen Rider Jun once more. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis



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