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Titan (ティターン Titān), or better known as the Titan Undead is a synthetic Undead created from the Scorpion Undead (right-half) and Chameleon Undead (left) being fused by Hiroshi Tennoji into one monster that had access to their attributes and two Undead Buckles on its belt.

Fictional Character History

Tennoji unleashed the monster for endgame, using Scorpion Undead's Undead Venom and Chameleon Undead's cloaking/disguise abilities to turn the Riders against each other. By acting that he fell under the power of Joker, Hajime Aikawa and the other Riders tricked Titan to reveal itself, defeating Titan by Blade King Form's Four of a Kind with Garren and Leangle splitting Titan back into two sealed Undead.

Movie War 2010

Titan was revived as part of the Dai-Shocker remnant, Super Shocker. He was part of Super Shocker's forces in the final battle, surviving even up to Doras' arrival and siding with it alongside other monsters. However, he was destroyed by a surprise Crimson Smash from Kamen Rider Faiz. Kamen Rider Decade: The Last Story

Rouse Cards


Titan Undead

  • Height: 221cm
  • Weight: 119kg

A synthetic Undead that combines Chameleon Undead (Category 10 of Diamond Suit) and Scorpion Undead (Category 8 of Clover Suit). The tentacle of the left arm has an Undead Poison (アンデッドポイズン Andeddo Poizun) that activates the Rider's fighting instinct and uses the ax as a weapon.

In addition to being transparent, it transforms into Kazuma Kenzaki, Hajime Aikawa, Sakuya Tachibana, Mutsuki Kamijo, Amane Kurihara, also Blade, Garren, and Leangle.

Because it is a synthetic Undead, use two Rouse Cards when sealing.

Imitation Kamen Rider Leangle

Imitation Kamen Rider Leangle

"Open Up!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 205 cm[1]
  • Weight: 111 kg[1]

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 3.0 t, 300 AP[1]
  • Kicking Power: 4.9 t, 490 AP[1]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30 m[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m/5 s[1]

Special Attacks:

  • Tapir Remote: 2200 MP[2] (22 t)
  • Polar Blizzard: 1200 MP[2] (12 t)
  • Bee Stab: 400 FP[2] (4 t)
  • Squid Smog: 2000 MP[2] (20 t)
  • Rhinoceros Rush: 800 FP[2] (8 t)
  • Dragonfly Float: 1000 FP[2] (10 t)
  • Blizzard Clash: 2400 AP[3] (24 t)
  • Blizzard Gale: 1800 AP[3] (18 t)
  • Spinning Dance: 3600 AP[3] (36 t)
  • Screw Rush: 1400 AP[3] (14 t)
  • Blizzard Venom: 3800 AP[3] (38 t)

Kamen Rider Leangle is the default form of Kamen Rider Leangle assumed by using the Leangle Buckle and Change Spider Rouse Card. The transformation fuses the user with the DNA of the Spider Undead. Leangle's Ace form has higher ability parameters than Blade and Garren, allowing him to compensate for the fact that he cannot assume other forms like them.


Behind the Scenes

Concept Art

Titan Undead concept art


Titan Undead concept art.jpg



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