This article is about a/an toyline in Kamen Rider Drive.

The Tire Koukan (タイヤコウカーン Taiya Kōkan) toyline is a series of action figures and accessories produced by Bandai for the series Kamen Rider Drive. As its name implies, the action figure toys function in a manner similar to the Tire Exchanges featured in the TV show.

List of figures[1]

Code Image Type Shift Tire/Advent Signal Weapon/Tire Exclusive Items
TK-01 TK01 Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed Type Speed Tire; Max Flare Tire N/A
TK-02 TK02 Tire Set First Funky Spike Tire; Massive Monster Tire; Justice Hunter Tire Monster; Justice Cage
TK-03 TK03 Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild Type Wild Tire; Rumble Dump Tire Handle-Ken; Rumble Smasher
TK-04 TK004 Tire Set Second Dream Vegas Tire; Mad Doctor Tire; Spin Mixer Tire Drum Shields; Cure Quicker
TK-05 TK05 Kamen Rider Drive Type Technic Type Technic Tire; Fire Braver Tire Door-Ju; Ladder Expander
TK-06 TK06 Mashin Chaser E-Circular Break Gunner; Tail Whipper; Fang Spidey; Wing Sniper
TK-07 TK07 Kamen Rider Mach Signal Kourin; Signal Magarl ("turn"); Signal Kaksarn ("scatter") Zenrin Shooter
TK-08 TK08 Kamen Rider Drive/Mach Type Dead Heat Type Dead Heat Tire; DH Kourin Zenrin Shooter; Door-Ju
TK-09 TK09 Kamen Rider Drive Type Formula Type Formula Tires (2) Trailer-Hou
TK-10 TK10 Kamen Rider Chaser Wheeler Dynamics; Signal Kikern ("danger") Shingou-Ax
TK-11 TK11 Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron Type Tridoron Tire; People Saver Tire N/A
TK-SP TKSP Kamen Rider Drive Type Fruits Type Fruits Tire Musou Saber; Daidaimaru (Gaim version)
TK-PB01 TKPB01 Kamen Rider Proto-Drive Archetype Gear; Dimension Cab Tire N/A
TK-PB02 TKPB02 Tire Set Formula Mantarn F01 Tires (2); Sparner F03 Tire; Jacky F02 Tire N/A

Associated releases

The line is also compatible with three DX sets:



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