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A timeline of events in the World of Build.

Ancient Time

20th century

21st century

ASW 001 (2007)

ASW 002 (2008)

ASW 006 (2012)

ASW 008 (2014)

ASW 009 (2015)

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Kamen Rider Build

ASW 011 (2017)

ASW 012 (2018)

  • Hokuto declares war by invading Touto, leading Gentoku Himuro to coerce Sento and Ryuga into fighting on his behalf. Sento finishes the experimental Sclash Driver and Dragon Sclashjelly, which Ryuga first uses during the fight with the Hokuto Sanbagarasu, becoming Cross-Z Charge. Rider Wars Start
    • Revealing his own Sclash Driver, Kazumi Sawatari uses the Robot Sclashjelly to become Kamen Rider Grease and takes charge of the Hokuto Sanbagarasu to overwhelm both Ryuga and Sento. The Golden Soldier
  • January 14th: At night, Gentoku meets with Juzaburo Namba when he learns that Utsumi is alive. The Golden Soldier The Forbidden Item
  • Seeing Grease relinquish his Kuma and Televi Fullbottles, Massugu Ubukata becomes an Ice Smash in an attempt to reclaim them only to be defeated when they are wielded by Build. Learning the story of his family, Sento hands over the Fullottles for Massugu to return to Grease while encouraging him to go back to Hokuto to take care of his grandmother. Kamen Rider Build: Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease!
  • January 21st: Blood Stalk presents Takumi Katsuragi's forbidden item, the dangerous Hazard Trigger, which is used to enhance the Hard Smash trio, though at the cost of their lives should they be defeated. Soon after, he provides the item to Sento. The Forbidden Item
  • Arranging a trap to incapacitate Grease and the Hard Smash, Gentoku uses the advantage to launch an advance into Hokuto. He is however, overruled by his father Taizan Himuro, having made a complete recovery after being healed by Misora Isurugi's bracelet. Banished from Touto, Gentoku attempts to seize the Pandora Box as Night Rogue but is easily beaten by Build, only just managing to escape. The Devil's Trigger
  • As Build, Sento uses the Hazard Trigger to enhance his form to a "Super Best Match". However, while increasing his power, the device also causes Sento to fall into a berserker state, leading to an unrestrained attack which costs the life of Aoba of Hokuto. This tragedy causes Sento to retreat from fighting. The Unstoppable Hazard
    • One week later, Taizan Himuro makes a deal with Hokuto Prime Minister Yoshiko Tajimi to settle their conflict with a 1-on-1 Proxy Battle, requesting Sento's participation against Grease. To prepare him for the battle, Blood Stalk provides additional Fullbottles to Sento while goading him into a fight. The Unstoppable Hazard
  • Acting on Blood Stalk's behalf, Nariaki Utsumi arrives at nascita to help Sento prepare for his Proxy Battle, providing simulated Smash for him to fight. Acting personally as Night Rogue, Utsumi helps Sento to collect data for a killswitch to handle the Hazard Trigger. Soon after, Sento is called to a facility containing Fullbottles for Touto, which he finds being attacked by what he recognizes as the "Bikaiser" accompanied by Faust Guardians. First Chapter
    • Transforming into Build, Sento defeats the Guardians and Bikaiser, revealing the latter to be a test subject. Recovering the Nebulasteam Gun, Utsumi, having arranged the encounter to collect data himself, achieves a successful transformation into Hell Bro's. Next Chapter
  • On the eve of battle, Sento decides that he will represent Touto, overruling Ryuga. Entrusting Misora with the killswitch for the Hazard Trigger, he instructs her to use it to stop him from murdering Kazumi even if it kills him. Victory of Tears
  • 1-on-1 Proxy Battle: On behalf of Touto, Build uses the power of the of the Hazard Trigger to defeat Grease. Though Misora could not bring herself to uses the killswitch, Kazumi's life is saved when Cross-Z Charge intervenes to pacify Build. Unwilling to abide Taizan's terms Tajimi orders an all-out invasion of Touto only to be betrayed by Blood Stalk who reveals that the forces of Seito, backed by Namba and the new Kamen Rider Rogue, have taken the opportunity to seize Hokuto while its forces have been occupied in Touto, with Hokuto's Prime Minister being taken into custody. Victory of Tears
  • The Phantom of the West
  • A Man Called Rogue
  • The Idol Awakens
  • Constructing a Clone Hell Bro's, Utsumi tests it against a succession of simulated Kamen Riders before pitting it against Sento Kiryu. Instructing Build to use the Same and Bike Fullbottles to defeat the Clone Hell Bro's, Utsumi uses the data collected from the battle to create a new breed of Clone Smash. Final Chapter
  • The Treacherous Deathmatch
  • The Counterattack Hero
  • The Genius Arrives With a Tank
  • The Opening Bell Rings
  • The Truth of the Pandora Box
  • Surging Magma!
  • Programmed Tragedy
  • The Final Weapon: Evol
  • The Severing Best Match
  • Tower of Destruction
  • Evolto Hunts the Stars
  • The Ultimate Phase
  • Mad World
  • The Unstoppable Genius
  • The Final Revolution
  • The Truth of the Best Match
  • Legacy of Doubt
  • Having revealed himself as Evolto's benefactor, Shinobu Katsuragi transforms into another Kamen Rider Build, holding his own in battle against the Kamen Riders and leaving Sento conflicted at the thought that his father is the enemy. Seeking to help Sento, Misora approaches Evolto and is infused with Nebula Gas, using the Lost Fullbottle to become the CD Lost Smash. She is, however, saved when Sento uses the power of Genius to transfer the essence of Vernage within her to Ryuga, pacifying his Evolto-influenced violent instincts while freeing Misora of her transformation. Meanwhile, Kazumi and Gentoku head to Faust's lab. Another Build
  • As intended, Kazumi and Gentoku increase their power with a near lethal dose of Nebula Gas before being retrieved by their fellow Kamen Riders. Soon after, all four Riders engage Evolto in battle and seemingly destroy him. The End of Evolto
  • With Evolto's body destroyed, Shinobu Katsuragi, revealing he was waiting to betray him all along, contains the Evol-Driver holding his essence to prevent his return. However, he is outmaneuvered by Evolto, who had detached a part of himself to possess Utsumi when his body was destroyed, proceeding to kill Shinobu and reclaim his Evol-Driver. After collecting the complete set of Lost Fullbottles, Evolto accesses his complete form which he uses to destroy an alien world only to be stripped of his full power when Build uses the power of the Hazard Trigger to pacify and reclaim a couple of Lost Fullbottles, Sento having realized his father's true intention for the device's use. The Scientist of Hope
  • Build Annihilation Plan: Acting in opposition to Evolto in order to hasten the destruction of Earth, the Blood Tribe members compel the populace of Japan, including Ryuga, to hunt down and eliminate Build; their leader, "Kengo Ino", uses the Cobra Lost Fullbottle along with Sento's Hazard Trigger as well as Banjo's Build Driver and Great Cross-Z Dragon to become Kamen Rider Blood. However, with the power of Genius, Sento frees Banjo and, with the power of Vernage combines the Gold Rabbit and Silver Dragon Fullbottles into a Can which allows them both to become the 2-in-1 Kamen Rider Cross-ZBuild, defeating the Blood Tribe much to satisfaction of Evolto, who recovers their Lost Fullbottles for his own use. Kamen Rider Build: Be The One
  • An Oath to Be The One
  • Having reclaimed all Lost Fullbottles, Evolto returns to his ultimate form by consuming the Moon before turning on the Earth. Gentoku Himuro gives his life to inflict damage upon Evolto's Evol-Trigger, causing him to lose his grip on the Lost Fullbottles and the Black Pandora Panel which, upon fusing with the White Pandora Panel, begins the process of combining the Earth with one from another dimension with no Sky Wall. Zero Degree Flames To The World of Love & Peace
  • August: After defeating Evolto once and for all, and the two worlds combined, Sento woke up in a new world in a new reality. This new world seemingly different with his friends have no memories of him. However, the Banjo from his world sees Sento and the two are now starting a new life. The Tomorrow Build Will Create

Behind the scenes

Taking place in its own distinct world, Kamen Rider Build premiered on September 3rd, 2017. As a general rule, the dating of the Kamen Rider Series is assumed to correspond at least roughly to its real world broadcast. Indeed, Sento Kiryu's rent notice seen in the first episode is dated September 3rd, a match to the episode's broadcast in 2017. It should also be noted that said rent notice shows that Build's world uses its own year numbering system, using the After Sky Wall as a point of reference . As such, the entirety of the TV series takes place across the years ASW 011 and ASW 012.

The ASW year system is set by ASW 011 = 2017 A.D.[1] However, it is found that the day of week is different from the real world. The week day system is 1 day advance. For example, Kazumi Sawatari's phonescreen as seen in the eighteenth episode shows a date of January 14th, with Monday (月), which instead Sunday in real world. A weather report also shows the same pattern in the movie.


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