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A timeline of events in the World of Amazons.



  • Icon-amazons Nozama researcher Jin Takayama, having injected himself with Amazon cells, leaves the company to hunt the Amazonz on his own.
  • Icon-amazons The event is treated as an accident by the majority of Nozama employees, and the Nozama Peston Service is formed to hunt the Amazonz; two members in particular, Mamoru and Ryusuke Otaki, are Amazonz themselves.


Season 1


Season 2

Season 2 takes place five years after Season 1.


Behind the scenes

Taking place in its own distinct world, Kamen Rider Amazons is primarily composed of two 13-episode seasons and 1 feature film. As a general rule, the dating of the Kamen Rider Series is assumed to correspond at least roughly to its real world broadcast. The placement of Amazons, however, is complicated as the events of Season 2 (2017) take place five years following Season 1 (2016).

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