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    In Chou Eiyuu Sai 2020 during the Next New World performance, Another Faiz, Another OOO, Another Agito and Another Ex-Aid attack. GrandZi-O and GeizMajesty, who are parrerals to each other, fight against them. The scene continuously jumps around but we can see during one frame GrandZi-O is reaching for a statue on his arm, where the Agito statue is located. The real Agito, Ex-Aid appears to fight their counterparts. Similarly, the real Birth and Kaixa appears to fight Another Faiz and Another Birth. Its pretty obvious that these are summons if it features these characters during a Zi-O insert song featuring thse two forms. 
    GeizMajesty can summon Secondary Riders
    Grand touch
    Grand Kaixa
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    • Okay honestly I don't think this counts as canon. Unlike Special Events & Final Stage stageshows, there isn't any story or even a plot. The suits are just in the background while the singers perform. You're not supposed to take what the suits do seriously.

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    • Obviously it isn't canon but they put thought in what the suits are going to do during the performance (they had to practice it before). Someone write up that he'd summon the secondaries and its very much in line with his powers since he's just GrandZi-O. Its an official event by Toei and I think its worth mentioning.

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    • No it doesn't. The concert is not good evidence that proves GeizMajesty has the abilitiy to summon Secondary Riders. The reason why is context behind the Next New World performance because it ISN'T intended and meant to be taken seriously. The Secondary Riders showing up in the performance is just for show, for demostation.

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    • And how do they show up? Via summoning. If they didn't intened it to be Geiz's power then only the main Riders would had showed up,

      I find it ridiculous that the wiki includes off shoot stage plays like Drive and Agito or Spade but won't include an ability CLEARLY shown by GeizMajesty, who is supposed to be a parreral to GrandZi-O.

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    • It's. Just. For. Show. And. Not. Meant. To. Be. Taken. Seriously.

      It's true that this Wiki includes outdoor stageplays, but we still don't consider what happens in their stories as actual source or canon. Same goes for the concert.

      I'm not denying Chou Eiyuu Sai 2020 had Geiz summoned the Secondary Riders, but the concert itself isn't a good source proving he has such abilities because and I repeat, there's no story within the context of that performance. We still don't know if he has such abilities, but the concert isn't enough concrete evidence because the Next New World performance is just background action.

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    • I don't see why it needs to have a story?? We're debating whether or not he has the ability, he displayed such an ability. Whether it has a story or not is not relevant to whether he displayed such abilities.

      Where the power was shown off isn't relevant so long as its from official media, such as Kiva's blood chain powers or Agito's light blades in Forever.

      The performance shows off his ability to summon. It follows the Anothe Rider rules and the Rider's proper abilities/weapons. It doesn't break canon. What abilities shown here are things they can actually do. If anything its at least more plausible than abilties only mentioned in Toei Stats such as "Ohma Zi-O can change his own stats to be higher" since he actually displays such a feat.

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    • This Secondary Riders appearing could honestly be a decision by the stage managers handling the concert and not Toei themselves. Nevertheless, the concert is not a strong source of GeizMajesty possessing the ability to summon Secondary Riders.

      It's still not a confirmed ability of his so we're unsure if this ability is canon. If you want, I highly recommend having this mentioned in the Notes section instead of GeizMajesty's section. Something in the lines of "In Chou Eiyuu Sai 2020, GeizMajesty appears to possess the ability to summon Secondary Riders...".

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    • Eh, I guess that's the next best option. I'd still prefer it be in the actual GeizMajesty section with the source linked like I did but its better than nothing.

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    • Non-canon is one thing, but my point is the "summon" is not a confirmed action, especially Kaixa and Birth are guests in the movie, making it more likely they appear as guest from movie. Because of the singing, we cannot hear any announcement from watch, nor see a scene of Majesty using his watches. Which here, concluding the action as "summon" was just your own speculation. "Do not add information to pages which hasn't been confirmed" is my main reason of removing the section.

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