• Hi what's up. I saw you uploaded all city wars charecter image. U have forgot some charecter images.

    If you wish to add more image. then i will give u a list that what u have forgot to add.


    (BTW, do u play kamen rider city wars?)

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    • Yes I do Latoratah is one of themĀ 

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    • Black RX:Roborider, BioRider Kuuga:Rising Mighty, Titan

      Knight:Survive Garren:Fusion Jack

      Hibiki:Final Form

      Gattack:Hyper Form

      Den-O:Rod Form, Liner Form


      Double:FangJoker, HeatMetal

      Fourze:Fire, Fusion and Cosmic State


      Beast:Hyper Form

      Gaim:Ichigo Arms

      Baron:Lemon Energy

      Specter:Deep Specter

      Ex-Aid:VRX Gamer

      Snipe:Simulation Gamer

      Lazer:Proto Combat Gamer

      Build:Rabbit Rabbit, TakaGatling, DragonLock, Hazard KaizokuRessha

      Cross-Z:Great Cross-Z Dragon

      Grease:Perferct Kingdom

      Rogue:Prime Rogue

      Evol:Black Hole

      Zi-O:Build Armor, Trinity

      Geiz:Build Armor, Genm Armor, Geiz Revive Shippu, Faiz Armor

      Zero-One:Freezing Bear, Shining Hopper, Shining Assault Hopper

      Vulcan:Punching Kong

      Valkyrie:Lightning Hornet

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    • Are you sure Elek appear?

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    • sorry!

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    • A FANDOM user
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