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For the eponymous Rider with the same name, see Gai Amatsu.

Thouser (さうざー Sauzā) is an A.I robotic dog from Gai Amatsu's childhood originally manufactured by Hiden Intelligence.


Thouser is an A.I robotic dog that was created by Hiden Intelligence long before Humagears and owned by Gai Amatsu during his rough childhood with his strict father, Ichikyo Amatsu. Due to Gai's obsession with his pet, the boy didn't get a perfect score on his final exam, which angered his father due to the former's love for Thouser. Even though Gai studied harder to get his exam with a perfect score, his father was still angry at him about his 99 percent mark. This forced Gai to reluctantly return Thouser to Hiden Intelligence in order to secure his education. This lack of companionship throughout the rest of his childhood and teenage days hardened Gai's heart, turning him into the ruthless capitalist seen in the present day. I'm 1000% Your Friend

However, despite becoming the president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan and starting his malicious plot to take over the world, Gai still internally wished to be with Thouser again and be given the love he once had. Therefore, he created Project Thouser not only as the superior force to the Zero-One system, but as a form of tribute to his only friend.

35 years later, after Gai became president of both ZAIA Japan and Hiden Intelligence, he was in the middle of a downward spiral before having a conversation with the A.I companion, Ai-chan. Suddenly, Zea responded to his emotions by recreating Thouser in a new body with Hiden Intelligence's 3D Printer. The reborn Thouser was reactivated and greeted its former master after scanning Gai's emotions, with the latter immediately reciprocating Thouser's affection due to being separated for so many years. Thouser then joined its redeemed owner & Zero-One against their fight against Ark-Zero, where it followed them throughout the whole battle and danced during Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper's standby sounds. Following the battle, Thouser was held by Gai during his apology to Aruto, and even used its barks to order its owner to bow to Isamu and Yua as a form of forgiveness.

In the epilogue of the final episode, Thouser is along with four additional Dog-Gears named Milly (みりー Miri), Billy (Biri), Tri (とりー Tori), and Quad (くわっど Kuwaddo)[1] are identical to it but with red collars.

Behind the Scenes


Thouser is "portrayed" by an AIBO, specifically the ERS-111 model. The newer version of Thouser is "portrayed" by the ERS-1000.


  • In real life, Thouser is a AIBO, a series of robotic canines designed and manufactured by Sony. The original Thouser is the early ERS-111 model and current Thouser is the modern ERS-1000 model.
    • Coincidentally, the new model's codename is 1000, which is synonymous with Gai's usage of "thousand" in his personality and Rider gear.
  • On the same day after the premiere of Episode 38, Takara Tomy promoted a new miniature figure of AIBO available on Gachapon, jokingly recommending the customers to put it together with a suitable figure.[2]
  • During Episode 39, Thouser had danced along to MetalCluster Hopper's transformation jingle. As of the episode, Sony updated all AIBO units to perform that specific dance upon detecting the usage of the DX MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey in the DX Zero-One Driver.



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