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―Announcement upon pulling the end of the hilt[src]

"Jacking Break! Zaia Enterprise."
―Special attack announcement[src]

"Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to break."
―Progrisekey insertion announcement[src]

"Hacking Break! Zaia Enterprise."
―Finisher announcement[src]

―Announcement upon pulling the end of the hilt with a Progrisekey inserted[src]

"Thousand Break! Zaia Enterprise."
―Finisher announcement when the hilt is pulled with a Progrisekey inserted[src]

The Thousand Jacker (サウザンドジャッカー Sauzando Jakkā) is the personal weapon of Kamen Rider Thouser. Thousand Jacker also have ability to steal Progrisekey power from the user and can perform similar attacks.


The Thousand Jacker consists of the following parts:

  • Jack Ring (ジャックリング Jakku Ringu): The ring at the end of the hilt. The Jack Suction at the tip is activated by stroke control, and Jackrise is performed to extract the Rider Model and Lost Model capabilities from the target driver. As a result, a Jacking Break that uses a part of the capabilities of the rider model for an attack can be activated. Also, by operating with the device loaded in the universal slot, Thousand Dry is performed, and "Thousand Break" boasting the maximum attack power can be activated.
  • Gain Stocker (ゲインストッカー Gein Sutokkā): The storage device. It stores the data of the species image extracted by Jack Suction, Rider Model and the extinct species Lost Model. Input and output status is displayed on the monitor for monitoring the operating status with a power gauge and movement.
  • Jack Edge (ジャックエッジ Jakku Ejji): The blade. A blade made of cemented steel ZIA-1000 for physical destruction is arranged so as to surround the entire circumference. The purple parts are a medium for special attacks. By adding energy to the data supplied from the storage device Gain Stocker and putting it on the blade, it is possible to activate special moves with various abilities.
  • Jack Suction (ジャックサクション Jakku Sakushon): The tip. By operating the control device Jack Ring, it is possible to extract the capabilities of Rider Model and Lost Model from the target. Since it is made of cemented steel ZIA-1000, it has a tremendous piercing force that can penetrate even special alloys of 1000mm.
  • Zaia Grip Linker (ザイアグリップリンカー Zaia Gurippu Rinkā): The grip. At the same time as a handgrip, it has the role of transmitting information such as parameters and operation manuals that visualize the operating status to the user.
  • Attack Trigger (アタックトリガー Atakku Torigā): The trigger. Activate various attacks by pulling the trigger.
  • Universal Slot (ユニバーサルスロット Yunibāsaru Surotto): A slot intended to insert Progrisekeys/Zetsumetsu Keys into. By adopting the universal standard, it can be loaded regardless of the type of the Progrisekeys/Zetsumetsu Keys. When the device is loaded into the slot, a non-contact learning by a built-in reader Authoriser (オーソライザー Ōsoraizā), and a Hacking Break that uses a part of the capability of the built-in data image in the attack becomes available.


  • Jacking Break (ジャッキングブレイク Jakkingu Bureiku): Thouser uses the Thousand Jacker to extract the energy of a Progrisekey from another Kamen Rider, then performs an attack that incorporates the Progrisekey's Rider Model or other unique ability.
    • Flying Falcon: Thouser charges the Thousand Jacker with pink energy before performing a slash that creates the Flying Falcon Rider Model, which then flies into the enemy.
    • Shooting Wolf: Thouser launches a projection of a wolf’s head that bites down at the enemy.
    • Biting Shark: Thouser slashes at the enemy with a whip-like chain of shark fins.
    • Punching Kong: Thouser launches a projection of the Knuckle Demolition at the enemy, which after hitting divides into thousands of Demolitions and hit the enemy.
    • Flaming Tiger: Thouser slashes the opponent with a large tiger claw covered in flames.
    • Shining Assault Hopper: Thouser summons a purple variant of the Shine System to attack the enemy. He can also fire a purple variant of the Authorize Buster's Zero-One Dust at a opponent.
    • Breaking Mammoth: Thouser slashes the opponent with a large mammoth's tusk.

  • Hacking Break (ハッキングブレイク Hakkingu Bureiku):

  • Thousand Break (サウザンドブレイク Sauzando Bureiku): Thouser inserts a Progrisekey into the Thousand Jacker, which coats the blade with the power of the Key, then thrusts it at the target.
    • Lightning Hornet: The Thousand Jacker unleashes powerful lightning, which can be used both as a ranged and a melee attack.
    • Dynamaiting Lion: Thouser creates two gatling guns out of pink energy, which then rapid fire at the enemy.
    • Amazing Caucasus: Thousand Jacker projects the symbols of Progrisekeys that it has previously jacked, which are turned into Rider Models and charge at the enemy. This finisher is strong enough to break through Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper and knocks him out.

Behind The Scenes

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  • The Thousand Jacker has a slightly similar design to the King Rouzer from Kamen Rider Blade.
    • The bar on the side that fills up and the mechanism of pulling the hilt to initiate an attack also makes it very similar to the Beat Closer.
  • It is the first weapon in the Reiwa Era to lack a second mode.
    • Additionally, it is the first weapon in Zero-One to lack a secondary mode.


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