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Thou, Take Thine Neighbor's Hand! (ナンジ、隣人と手をとれ! Nanji, Rinjin to Te o Tore!) is the forty-first episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One. It features Aruto's reinstatement as president of Hiden Intelligence and Horobi's rebellion against the Ark. It also features the destruction of Zea and Ark.


Kamen Rider Zero-Two has finally been created from the dream that Izu entrusted to Aruto! Zero-Two was able to outsmart the Ark's predictions, and destroy Kamen Rider Ark-Zero! However, the Ark's data still exists in Satellite Zea orbiting around the Earth in space, and as long as it exists, the Ark can be revived as many times as possible! Meanwhile, the Ark changes his plans to target Aruto Hiden, and initiates his destruction of the city from above! The destruction of humankind is now upon us! So, just what kind of decision will Aruto Hiden and the other Kamen Riders come to...?!


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Key Used:
    • Zero-Two
      • Zero-Two
    • Jin
      • Burning Falcon
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion
  • Form Used:
    • Jin
      • Burning Falcon
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion


Zero-One Ep 41 Closing Screen.png

  • Closing Screen Progrisekeys:
    • Kamen Riders: Zero-Two, Horobi
    • Progrisekeys: Zero-Two, Sting Scorpion
  • Count at episode end
    • Progrisekeys in Zero-Two's possession: Rising Hopper, Biting Shark, Flying Falcon, Flaming Tiger, Freezing Bear, Breaking Mammoth, Shining Hopper, Hopping Kangaroo, MetalCluster Hopper, Zero-Two
    • Progrisekeys in Vulcan's possession: Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Gatling Hedgehog, Trapping Spider, Assault Wolf, Rampage Gatling
    • Progrisekeys in Valkyrie's possession: Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet, Fighting Jackal
    • Progrisekeys in Jin's possession: Burning Falcon
    • Progrisekeys in Horobi's possession: Sting Scorpion
    • Progrisekeys in Thouser's possession: Amazing Caucasus, Sparking Giraffe, Exciting Stag, Crushing Buffalo, Splashing Whale, Dynamaiting Lion, Storming Penguin, Scouting Panda
    • Progrisekeys in Azu's possession: Ark-One
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Ikazuchi's possession: Dodo
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Thouser's possession: Awaking Arsino, Berotha, Kuehne, Ekal, Neohi, Onycho, Vicarya, Gaeru, Mammoth, Arsino
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Naki's possession: Japanese Wolf
  • This episode features the first appearance of Breaking Mammoth since episode 15. It also marks the first time it is piloted by someone other than Zero-One (in this case, Ikazuchi).
  • As of this episode, all four members of MetsubouJinrai.net have defected from the Ark.

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